Monday Confessions

I really almost forgot it was Monday..but how could I after the day we've had already? It was full of errands, crying, peeing in pants (not mine :) and all the other usual things that we deal with. 

1. I counted my workout today as pushing a costco cart with my 3 kids, two watermelons, and a 50lb bag of dog food! You try it and see how easy it isn't :)

2. Workout number two was at our last stop, a return to Kohl's. Try that with 3 kids in a triple stroller and attempt to do it with a smile on your face....I confess I wasn't smiling by the end but we survived.

3. We also hit up the car wash along our route, I think $3 is a great investment to clean off our van and then use their vacuum to suck up the scary things that lurk under the seats. It's a total bargain in my book!

4. I am selling off some baby stuff to any of you that are interseted. Remember last week how I said it is hard for me to let go? I am proud of myself. Tomorrow I am meeting up with a lady to sell off the twins bedding/nursery sets. So far that will be the hardest! I remember picking out that bedding and designing the room around it. I remember all the expectations I had for mothering twins. I am pretty sure it's all been blown out of the water now 3 years later but I love remember the sweet time of expecting them. I was huge and it was hot....but those babies were/are precious (now they just require discipline and potty training). 

5. I know some of you out there envy the thought of being able to run a business from home. I have to confess, it's a lot of hard work. I was just looking through some emails and inquiries to make sure I haven't dropped the ball on anything....It made me realize in a fresh way that probably for every 5 to 10 people that ask me about my services, maybe only one or two turn into actual work. It can be hard sometimes to take regular "rejection" but I know there are so many reasons this happens. I am, however, thankful for those who do believe and invest in me to capture their family's memories!

6. I had a wedding yesterday afternoon, which turned out beautiful. I do have to say though when you go to a lot of weddings, you can pretty much start to call the DJ's playlist before it even starts. You can bet money that you aren't going to leave a wedding without hearing the eletric slide or Journey's "Don't stop believing." If I was a betting woman, I would've made a lot of money last night on the play list.... AC/DC "All Night long" into Bon Jovi "Living on a prayer" into Journey's "Don't stop Believing" then we brought it back into this decade with Maroon 5 "moves like Jagger" and the song that's on the M & M's commercial "I am sexy and I know it." I let Matt in on a little secret yesterday, it's really fun to take lots of pictures of people dancing during songs like that to see what types of faces you get on people...even if you erase it later, it's good times :)

7. Now that none of you will EVER hire me for YOUR wedding...maybe I could be your DJ?? Just kidding, but I do love weddings! I am behind in my blogging and forever breaking my blogging promises. Please don't break up with my blog, just hang in there friends, it will happen!

8.  So last week i said a of stuff that I wasn't good at but today I thought I could redeem with a few things I am good at. I make really good sweet tea and it's not just according to my hubby, many would agree. I am great at shopping for a bargain. I am a pretty good shot, meaning if you put a gun in my hand - I can hit a target. I am a decent cook. I can definitely negotiate when necessary. I took it as a compliment when a car salesman once called me "tough as nails" when were buying a new car. I can make a good joke now and then, or at least make you laugh. Ok that's enough pats on the back but I couldn't leave you feeling like I wasn't good at anything now could I?! 

9. My Workshop probably won't happen this summer. This is hard for me to write but I have been wrestling with this. I am definitely the type of person that dives in with both feet and commits when I do something, but I also refuse to pull something off that isn't done well. I just feel like I have such a desire to do a workshop but the timing isn't right. I will keep you all posted and maybe just stop talking about it until it's time to make it a reality. As a wife and mother of small children, I am consistently having to ask myself questions and make sacrifices at times. Sometimes my desires are things that would be great for me but might not necessarily be the best for my family, so when that is the case...I need to lay them down. For now, this is one of those things. Thanks for understanding friends! Please know that it's not that it won't ever happen, just won't happen right now. 

10. Shout OUT to icloud! If you don't use it, you're silly. My iphone smashed on my driveway Thursday night (even in a case). I have to say, it felt like magic when we were setting up the new phone and icloud magically made my new phone like my old with all my apps, contacts, etc. It's a literal safety net, use it!

11. If you don't have instagram, you're missing out! Here's a few smiles from my week last week from Instagram. 

I stole my own hydrangea's from our house that's still for it weird to be attached to your flowers?!

Kiddos on a long board with their buddy...

Macy being brave!

All right friends...pulled pork in the crockpot and praying that bedtime isn't an eternity away!