Monday Confessions and family slideshow!

My oh my it feels like Monday! Instead of all the mundane things I usually confess like cleaning up lots of poop or pulling a major mom fail and attempting to go to park today (hello sweletering heat and hot play equipment)'s the slideshow of our family session from April with ever fabulous sisters, Stephanie and Tammy of Luminosity Photography & Design. We are thankful for the memories captured and can't believe how fast the kids have already changed in a few months. We notice Max changing the most because of his additional teeth and now he's walking! 

And speaking of memories, I want to hear from you - do you have a way you document things about your kids? Not just growth but funny stories or pictures? I know one of my resolutions for 2012 was to be better about documenting the kids but I really don't feel like I have made any progress and need ideas!

Enjoy friends!