Monday Confession

Dont know about you all but it feels like Monday at our house. Coffee isn't even really doing the trick today. The kiddos have a stomach bug going on and it's leading to lots of goes confessions!

1. I have washed, dryed and almost folded three loads already today. Load number 4 is in the wash currently and you will know why in a minute.

2. I took the kids to the park to play before lunch thinking it's finally below 100 degrees outside, we better go enjoy it. It takes us about 10 minutes to walk there then we were there 15 minutes when up from the high slide macy says, "Mom there's poop on my leg." I had to investigate she didn't mean bird poop or something.  Sure enough, it's all fun and games at the playground until your 3 year old poops herself! (Hence the stomach bug :( Well this mama had no supplies or backups. I had to strip her waste down and praise Jesus for the starbucks napkins stashed in the stroller that got the poo off enough for me to sit her on napkin in the stroller for the walk home. I made her ride with the stroller's bug cover over her lap so her girlie parts weren't on display for the whole world on the way home. Can you tell this has been a fun day? (This is why four loads of laundry :)

Pre-poop Pic

3. I decided to make crock pot sloppy joes for dinner tonight. It seemed easy enough and actually sounded good to me today! I think I will put sweet potato fries on the side and call it a balanced meal. 

4. I have a pile of coupons sitting waiting to be clipped. 

5. I am in a fierce clean out mode and trying to get rid of things we don't need. Do you ever feel suffocated by all the stuff you have? Our basement is full of stuff we keep organizing. We keep asking, how do we get so much stuff?? We thought we cleaned out when we moved! 

6. Max is full on walking! He does a cute little side step for long distances but that kid is cruising and he is FAST. I confess, he has gotten to the top of our stairs twice today unseen because the gate was down. (In my own defence, the first time it happened I was dealing with two almost-preschoolers in the potty!)

7. I found a pottery barn table I loved this weekend at the store at a super good price ($400 for a $1500 table) and..... I didn't buy it. We wanted it so badly to fit into our kitchen but when we got home to measure, it just wasn't going to work. I had to call and sadly let them know we wouldn't be taking the table of awesomeness. I think there's a metaphor in there somewhere, sometimes things seem awesome and great...but they just really don't fit into your life how you want them to!

8. I am working on dreaming up some creative ideas for myself to work on. I daily am drained by just life itself and need to get the creative juices flowing! If you want to model for me or have an idea- I am ALWAYS open to hear it :)

9. Why is it that i seriously can never get out of Walmart for less than $100?? I think it's a ploy on their part. I just always remember 5 other things I need when I get there, not matter how short the list started out. Oh well, at least it's one stop shopping. Heck, I saw they do kids haircuts for $8 at our Walmart - watch out Dean!

10. Just trying to remember today, even in the midst of the "mondays," I am blessed!

Have a great week friends!