Monday Confessions

These Mondays come faster and faster as the summer draws to a close! I start teaching again in two's hitting me, back to school!!!

1. This morning's fun activity was teaching the twins how to use safety scissors. I gave them scrap paper and told them to have at it. They loved it and it actually kept their attention for half an hour. To my great pleasure the only thing that got cut was the paper! It was a miracle, no clothing, hair, or other unsuspecting items got cut up! I am counting the days until they go to preschool :)

2. I am beginning to wonder if it would be cheaper to purchase, house and feed a cow than it would be to keep buying milk in the quantities we need it for 3 small kids?!

3. Although thoughts of back to school give me mixed feelings of joy and depression...I love school supplies! It's always fun to get those fresh notebooks and new pens. I am such a dork :)

4. I was going through some bloodwork for something I am being tested for and found out among other things, that my cholestrol was a point high. I was shocked?! Who me?! It can't be! I better put down the eggs and pick up the oatmeal for a while :)

5. I read the book Stolen Woman by Kimberly Rae, it's the beginning of a great trilogy. It's an interesting story about a Christian girl who was adopted to the US from Bangladesh. It's her journey to India and beyond. I don't want to give too much away but I definitely enjoyed it and am in the middle of book two. It's very based in Christianity, which was a fresh perspective for me when reading a novel. There's lots of suspense as she discovers the horrors of human trafficking and desperately tries to help. Pick it up if you need a good end-of-summer read!

6. I am sort of blind without my contacts and the hubs is also. We were talking about Lasik one day, curious if it was worth it? Any of you out there been through it? Pros or cons? It would be nice to be free of glasses and contacts! Our poor kids have no chance!

7. I have great clients and just want to say so. I got a wonderful email over the weekend from one of my recent engagement shoot's bride-to-be. It was such an encouragement to know that someone appreciated not only my work, but my demeanor while working with them and the creativity I put into it. This leads me to say, if you have something nice to say to someone - you should! They might need the words of encouragement that day :)

8. I am going to be a busy lady in the next few months (as if I have been on vacation the last few, haha!). I am just putting it out there so that if anything starts to slip with blogging, etc you will know why! I have to keep my family first for us all to survive and then business/teaching come a close second. Thanks for understanding as I consistently work on prioritizing in my life!

9. Have you seen the Thirty One bags?! I know they have been around for a while and a friend gave me one last year at my baby shower. I loved it and am thinking about ordering some more. What are your favorite uses for them ladies? I am thinking about some of the huge organizers for kids stuff and even camera gear.

10. Take a moment to stop and smell the roses somewhere along the way today...gratitude helps us all with contenment and joy. I am learning this day by day my friends!


Here's a sneak of a quick session I did with my kids during the past week... (And aren't the outfits precious? Check out Sew Adorable Too on fb &

Have a great week!