Christine and Jack, crazy fun shoot!

I love getting to meet new people, it's a great perk of my job. Christine contacted me a few weeks ago in hopes of setting up an engagement shoot. She had written in her initial email, "What really drew me to contact you was not only your photos but all of the kind words others had said about you." I was instantly humbled because here was a potential client who not only liked my work but was drawn to me as a person, she took the time to check out my website and about me. This was starting our relationship off on a great foot and of course as soon as I met Christine and Jack in person, it was all good. Besides being adorable, Christine is very sweet and bubbly and I could see why Jack took a liking to her the first time they met. He confessed to "falling fast" for her, as they shared their story with me during our shoot. 

I also have to say that I love being a natural light photographer. This shoot was FULL of lighting/weather surprises as you will see and nothing was artificially lit. I don't have anything against artificial light and sometimes need it, but there ain't nothing prettier than a gorgeous evening glow...or in this case a wicked thunderstorm to go with it! All the best to Christine and Jack, so much fun meeting you!

(And of course, I definitely want to thank all of my previous clients for writing kind words section of my website!)


Outfit number one...just getting warmed up!


Outfit Change...sun is going down....

Christine totally has an inner-super model...she works it well!


And then the storm rolled in...I was loving every minute of the crazy! This sweet couple just rolled with it too and had a blast, despite the wickedness rolling in over our heads. I secretly think Christine talked to the weather gods in order to coordinate their outfits with the awesome colors of storm clouds :)

We took this one for mom with a more formal pose but somehow I hope that this image gets looked at some day by their grandkids. I absolutely love it!

Last shot of the evening and a great way to end..the thunder and lightning were so close we thought we better take cover!