Monday Confessions

Do you feeel Like Monday comes too fast? Wishing the weekends could slow down...

1. Fall Mini Sessions are currently SOLD OUT! Thanks for the response on this and if you were hoping to get a mini session this fall, please feel free to shoot me an email about it. I am currently booked for weekends but would consider a few select weekday shoots for those of you that were hoping to get in on the fun!

2. Parenting has been throwing me for so many loops, I feel like I am living on a carnival ride. Here's a quote that gave me pause today..."Don't worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you.  ~Robert Fulghum" This is humbling because I can try to say all the right things, but what they see me DO leaves the biggest impression!

3. With potty training, did any of you other parents start having the crack-o-dawn wake up call when they started staying dry overnight? We have been up at 5:30am like clockwork to go potty but they're doing pretty good with staying dry overnight. I am so not nice at that hour poor kids. (See quote number 2, I am in trouble)

4. We took the kids to the beach for the day yesterday. Our conversations when considering this go like this:

Me, "It's August, we have only been to the beach one other day this summer." Hubs, "but it's so much work with the kids." Me, "honey, everything with the kids is an intense amount of work. If we went by that, we would never leave the house." I have to say, it was a whirlwind getting out the house after breakfast but it was worth it! At least two beach days under our belt this summer :)

It was great because between last time we went and now, Max has started walking. He loved the freedom to cruise around and check out the beach!


 5. Who are some of your Olympic favorites? I have loved watching all different sorts of events and even the kids have taken a liking to it. Dean keeps asking me when swimming will be on again :) There's something fun about watching the best of the best compete.  I think it's certainly a nice little escape from all the current political drama around the world too, just fun to see the athletes meet in one place to perform what they have been training all their lives to do! (In case you missed it on twitter, Dean wants to play professional hockey when he grows up. He told me this while watching Olympics and then Macy piped up saying she wanted to grow up to play hopscotch :)

6. I feel like I am always cleaning something that will inevitable get messed up as soon as I turn around. Anyone else feel like this? Sometimes I get why people live in dirty houses, cleaning can feel pointless with kids :) Before 7am yesterday we had a milk "situation" with the twins and today before 9am I had already cleaned up a hair spray/nail polish issue that arose when Dean was going to the bathroom "all by his self."

I have some engagement sessions to blog this week, lets hope I can be efficient and kids take good naps! Seriously, lets hear it for all hat is off to ALL of you! I don't know how we all do it and stay sane...or maybe I am slipping into insanity and don't know it yet?!

Have a great week!