Nikki & Danny, Engagement contest winners!

Remember their story from our Love Is In the Air Contest earlier this year? They met when they were 15, but it wasn't happily ever after. Nikki wasn't officially allowed to date yet but they snuck in a friendly double-movie "date" at her house. Nikki's mom, clad in her flannel duck PJ's caught them smooching on the porch and according to Nikki, "my mom first and middle named me while Danny took off running into the snow." Fast forward lots of time, up and downs, and here we are today with them happily engaged and looking forward to a 2014 wedding date! 

Thanks to all of you, the readers of the blog who chose this couple for me to capture. We literally had to reschedule 3 different times due to the crazy summer/stormy weather we have had this year. It was either 110 degrees or thunder and lightning. It was fine with me though because the Sunday evening we finally met up for the shoot, it was nice and breezy (or at least felt that way without the intense heat!) Danny apparently was joking that every time we rescheduled that he had more time to practice his "America's next top model eyes," but it ain't no joke....he definitely had the eyes down! I really genuinely enjoyed being around these two and capturing their love! Enjoy the epic post friends and start thinking of who you want to see enter the contest next February?!


There's those Top Model eyes..