Monday Confession

Here we are a few weeks into the new year, how you doing?! Are you keeping those promises or "resolutions" to yourself? Here's how I am doing...        

1.   The organization quest is going slowly but day at a time. It kind of feels like a conspiracy right now because if you've been to the season aisle of Target, it's ALL ORGANIZATION! I honestly though felt a little overwhelmed by it all. I thought that I should start with one project at a time and also challenge myself to use organization items I already owned first. We all buy bins, baskets and boxes in hopes of being organized but don’t always use them!

2.   SO…project one is jewelry. I have thankfully collected many beautiful jewelry items over the recent years, many as gifts and especially after Christmas it was apparent I needed to get it all organized. Check out these great drawer inserts from Target, currently on sale for $7.99. It makes choosing accessories so much better! I think the biggest issue with being unorganized is not knowing what you actually have!

Before...a HOT MESS much better with the removable trays from Target!

3.   Overnight this week Macy literally woke up and started saying her “L” sound perfectly. I am going to miss her sweet little voice saying things like “yegs” and “yoyee pops.” Why is it we always want them to gain independence but aren’t a fan of them growing up?

4.   Along the same cute lines today, the twins set up story time in their room for all their stuff animals. Macy said “gurls up front and boys in da back.” I found her reading them a Dr. Seuss book.

5.   We had a good activity this morning at our local Chick-Fil-A. They do a Monday Mommy and me with a craft and play time. It was a perfect way to spend some time starting our week off on the right foot and I even got in coffee! Check my instagram for a photo :) 

6.   Downton Abbey Season 3, how are you liking it friends? I am a total cheater and have already watched it all so I am watching them again each Sunday evening to relive the fun.

7.   Stumbled across a couple great blogs last week that I find myself poking around when I get time. One is Life in Grace by Edie, a great designer and stay at home mom (previously a physician.) I dig her style and her perspective. She is classically home schooling her children…I sweat just even considering that but I know it to be a wonderful way to educate your children.

8.   The other blog I found poking around was the “Better Mom” by Ruth. In all honesty, I found her in a google search for “surviving the strong willed child.” Don’t laugh..some days are just tough! I love what she wrote though “I’m endeavoring to enjoy and delight my strong-willed child.  Although honestly, I still have days in which I’m just nearly surviving.  Parenting is a fulfilling and self-sacrificing job as it is, and throw a strong-willed child into it, you’ll find yourself clinging to the cross. Which is where I need to be anyway.” Full Post Here.

9. We did a mini-makeover in our living room last night by swapping out pillows, curtains and trying to move around a few things. It made me so happy to wake up to that this morning! I will try to post pics soon :) Just some updates to make it feel fresh for the new year and the hope of spring.

10. Speaking of spring, I am tired of the freakish weather and would love one BIG SNOW STORM to make use of all those snow pants I purchased for my kids. Macy keeps telling me, "Mommy, I jus wanna make a snow angel." I am praying she gets her wish soon and then spring can come anytime!!

In the spirit of Monday....


Have a great week friends!