Monday Confessions, 2013

A new year and a fresh start for many things! Today has been a usual Monday around here with laundry and lots of playing. It's hard to believe a new year has begun! 

What are some things I am looking forward to in 2013?

1. Trying to get a bit more organized. I found an organizing guru mom blog here.   Now listen, this girl is SO ORGANIZED she was featured on HGTV's series on "Clean Freaks." I think she has the kind of house that most of us moms aspire to in terms of cleanliness and organization. I will do my best though not to covet her labeling skills and just take her info in doses to help my mess piles. 

2. First thing on the organizing list, all the toys!! I have been purging some when kids aren't looking but for the most part I think we just need a good system. We have plenty of places to store things, I just don't think I am utilizing them well yet. And my closet...lets not even go there :) I will learn, hopefully!

3. The first wedding of the year for me will be about a month from now and I am definitely looking forward to that. It gets me back into the wedding fun!

4. I confess that I have not yet accomplished all that I wanted to before the new semester begins so I have one week to knock some things off the list! One these items I truly need to do is a few website gallery updates. I apolozgize if you have had a session this year and wonder why you aren't in the galleries! I will get after it, I promise. 

5. Looking forward to being a part of LifeHouse church here in DE. There have been many neat things going on and can't wait to see what the year brings. 

Quite honestly, I don't know much of what 2013 has in store for me. I do know however that I am walking into it with an open mind and heart to see what God has for us!. 

Here's how slow I am, I just finally looked at some pictures I took on Thanksgiving! Here's a few cute ones!