Monday confessions

Every kids dream...we woke up to snow! I am still a kid at heart and love this too!

1. Speaking of snow, we have certainly had some crazy weather this winter. I confess, it makes me a little crazy! It's snowing today and supposed to be 61 on Weds?!

2. I just made mashed potatoes at 8am because I am going to use them later in a shepherd's pie. I know this sounds bonkers but I say use the times when you're more motivated and less tired to get things done. At 8am after a cup of coffee, it seemed like a great idea to meal prep for later because I teach tonight.

3. I am looking forward to my second class of the semester as long as this crazy weather holds out. I always love to see the first projects and start to get to know my students through their artistic visions. 

4. I confess that I watched all of Downton Abbey Season 3 ahead of time but am revisiting them as they play here in the US. (Spoiler Alert) What did you think of last night's episode? Did you see it coming?! Definitely a shocker! Who cried?!

5. I am reading an intriguing book, French Kids Eat Everything, which is basically a wonderful story of a family moving from Vancouver to France, where many cultural divides occur. The author explores the challenges she faced as a mother exposing her kids to new things, especially the French food culture. I am really enjoying the read as she compares and contrasts why French children can sit at a table well behaved for over two hours while American children are often prodded to "hurry up and eat." It's making me think about lots of things, but especially the food education of my children. I am hoping to put some new "rules" in place when I am done reading this book!


6. I confess the very writing of this blog post is dependent on my children coloring nicely on some valentine pages I printed off for them. Need a snow day activity too? Go here. Are you doing any cute valentines with your kiddos this year?

7. I would like to understand why my 3 year old son was wide awake at 5:45am on Saturday yet chose to sleep until 6:45 today? It always seems to work against us! We are trying hard to stay on a family sleep schedule to keep everyone fairly well rested. 

8. I tried my first Zumba class last week, complete with wearing a jingly belly dancing type skirt. It was definitely a fun experience and I am going to try to go again this week. Fitness has been so hard for me since becoming a mom, I still love it but rarely find time to go to the bathroom alone, much less get in a workout! This crazy weather isn't helping either for those of us that are fairweather runners/joggers :)

9. Who can really believe that January is almost in the books?! I can't....I turn 31 in two weeks. Yikes...

I will leave you with a few fun pictures from last week's snow!


Have a great week!