Tuesday Confessions

If you haven't ever heard "Don't stop believing" in the cello...you're really missing something! Dallas String Quartet brings it with i's string rendition! What the heck am I talking about that for?! Well it's confession time... I am SO a day late and a dollar short but will attempt to share with you the joys of my crazy day. 

1. I did not confess yesterday because I literally did not stop moving from 7am until 10pm, with a breif few minute interlude of Downton Abbey to lift my spirits amid the chaos! The day included a play date, oil change, trip for all 3 to the doctor, teaching night class and even more just daily stuff...

2. Good news is I survived until today! I even had the pleasure of a meeting with a photographer friend this morning. She's sweet as pie and such a great encouragement, check out her work and life here at Jeni Brower

3. I have put down the "French Kids Eat Everything" temporarily because it was frustrating me a bit. It's always good to dig at your personality and motives occassionally but I was kind of getting frustrated that I wasn't French, so how was this going to work? I might pick it back up again soon. 

4. I started also reading "Promised One" with a bible study group. I am excited to read it because it's showing how Jesus is revealed in the old testament, specifically the book of Genesis. If you've never read Genesis, whew, it's saucier than a daytime soap! It's amazing that such flawed people have such a gracious God that would send us a redeemer! Looking forward to studying this over the next 10 weeks. 

5. I turn 31 on Sunday...enough said...depression setting in :) 

6. I have been eating eveything in sight. I think I need to break up with food. I think I have used food for comfort lately...so not a good habit/pattern to get into. 

7. When I am done typing this, I am going to go sweat to a workout video. Have not yet decided which one, but something that produces a sustained sweat and will help burn calories of the aforementioned food. 

8. I am now booking for spring, so if you think you're intersted, just send me a line. emily@emilytroutmanphoto.com I know "spring" seems light years away, but it's not. It's already February friends and i already have certain dates filled with weddings, etc!

9. What cute Valentines are you all whipping up for your kiddos to share? Or purchasing, I should say? :) I might totally go the purchase route and save myself all the mom guilt and hassle. My twins are in preschool after all....I can save the mom guilt for later :)

10. In case you missed my tweets on Saturday night, the hubs and I went on a double date with friends and it was much needed! We found out though that good old juvenile fun was just what the doctor ordered! Lazer tag ( we were out of breath) and bowling (our style/form were ridiculous) was SO MUCH CAREFREE FUN. Go this weekend, I urge you :)


I definitely thank Jesus for this girl!! She's the best friend a girl could ask for!

Have a great week friends!