Tuesday again?! Portraits from a workshop

Friends, I am clearly wrapped up in holiday events, cheer and of course a little chaos! I know I didn't confess yesterday but I do have some images to share from a recent workshop! I got to attend a lighting intensive with Justin & Mary Marantz, a fabulous husband wife team from Connecticut. It was a great night of learning and shooting with industry peers. You know I have my favorite workshop sidekick, Rhonda Bowman, there too! 

The theme of the workshop was utilizing a one light set up to your advantage. As a photographer, I have had training in studio lighting but tend to love natural light. This workshop was really about maninpulating artificial light to mimick the beauty of natural light. It was also about controlling the light to create the type of portraits you desire. It was a good refresher for me on a lot of things and inspired me to get experimenting with my own one light set up! Thanks Justin & Mary! 

We got to shoot a few different models and here's one set that I love of a beautiful model Rhea!

Have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS my friends and I will catch you next week!