Monday Confessions, A New Year!

Happy New Year my friends! I am slowly embracing 2014 and realizing things like I graduated college a decade ago this May or the fact that my Toyota Sienna is now ten years old! How does time march on so quickly at times yet certain days crawl by? With the turning of the year, my head has been swirling with thoughts and a few I might confess!

1. I had to do a little winter mantel update after all the Christmas decor came down. I think I am happy with the new combo of items. The cute lantern to the left (Pier 1 Imports) was won at a family Christmas exchange game so I put it to good use. January is so hard for decor because it's definitely the winter "bla" season but you don't want to neglect making your house feel like a home!



2. I know complaining about weather is a national past time and it can be annoying, but really what is with this CRAZY weather?! Here in Delaware the weekend before Christmas was almost 70 degrees, then snow by Christmas eve and then 6 inches the week of New Years with a high of 15 degrees. It has been a truly crazy weather season and it's taking a toll on a lot of us. I love snow but am hoping the season evens out a little bit for January and February! Even today the day started a lot warmer then it will end with pouring rain.  An hour ago it was snowing/sleeting and now the sun is out like nothing ever happened! 

 3. Anyone else dealing with this crazy weather experiencing stress when dressing your kids?! I have to say these days though with big coats, boots, hats and gloves really have me rethink every time I leave the house. I have to weigh the cost of the impossibilities of getting 3 kids in their car seats with all the gear and cold whipping at our backs. Not to mention, the entrance to my home looks like a coat/boot/hat explosion!

4. I have had all 3 kids home every day since December 19 (preschool starts back up tomorrow!). I confess it has been a lovely but LONG break that has magnified a few things I need to work on. Specifically we are dealing with some food struggles that are driving me nuts! We have issues with two kids that will rarely try anything new and hardly eat any veggies. My other more adventurous child is willing to try different things thankfully. All 3 of them don't seem to eat much quantity ever. I know that they "will eat when they're hungry" but it can be infuriating when you're the one making their 3 meals a day. I am questioning everything as to food options, snacks, if any of you mom warriors out there have been through this, let me know!

5. My two and a half year old is also revolting against potty training. Towards the end of the summer we had made a lot of progress, he was really intersted and seemed ready. Now he screams and refuses so I am trying not to push him but I really feel like it's time. Do I force it or wait another month or two until he's closer to 3?!

6. I found myself on iheartorgazing again this year on the first day of the year! I guess at least I am consistent. I so desire a more clean, organized approach to life but all the energy and effort gets used on other things. I have done a clean sweep of the basement, pantry and my office area in the last week to try to clean out some areas of our house. Last year's resolution was to get more organized...but I don't think I really succeeded. I balance between feeling bad that I don't live in a Pinterest castle and just telling myself reality with 3 small kids (& a dog!) don't always lend itself to clean or organized! Definitely trying to find a balance that I can accept. 

7. Jillian Michaels 30 day shred week 2 started today...I am not sure how committed I am to doing the same exact workout every day but I can tell I need to! I need the strength elements so badly. A year ago though I don't think I could do one full military pushup and now I can do at least 5 before collapsing! This is a big deal friends!!! 

8. Downton Abbey Season 4 premiered last night! Who loves how it started?! SO excited to watch the rest...(Ok I confess I have already watched all of season 4 over the internet but will watch it again on US tv this time around :) Love this quote and image from last night...



9. I finished up reading I Don't Know How She Does It last week. It is a rare thing for me to read the book after seeing a movie but I got the book for my gift at my book club's Christmas party. I wanted to read it because a friend was saying the book was so much better than the movie and very different. I have to agree that the British flavor in the book added to my enjoyment of it (entirely different than the movie with SJP in NYC). Anyhow, it highlighted the plight of mothers everywhere...making choices every day that affect our families and praying that it all works out in the end! I think all moms tend to romanticize the path they did not take (at times.) Those of us that primarily stay home daydream about heading off to an office where we might get some respect. Those who do the grinding commute into the city daily daydream about still being in pajama pants at noon. I know they are benefits to different choices in life, each mom just has to decide what will work best for her and her family in the long run. Good read, alhtough I felt like it dragged in a few parts. I would recommend it!

Have you all had enough of me yet?! Guess I had a lot to say today! Hope your new year has started off well and with the realization that a fresh start is a good thing! What dreams are you chasing this year?! I am still mulling over family, business, and life goals for this year. I want to be intentional...