Birthday Fun

This past Sunday was my birthday as some of you know. I had a fun little adventure as a part of it that I just wanted to share with those of you not on facebook, with some fun images from the weekend from a friend photographer, Amber Shader. I have to say, her reputation precedes her and I have always heard good things about her. I then heard about her lovely boutique, First and Little, opening in town and had yet to be in until this past weekend when she gave me a great excuse, a Matilda Jane trunk show! Amber hosted a lovely MJ trunk show, complete with lots of fun and cake pops. It was a great little event to take my little fashionista to. Amber was even kind enough to snap head shots for little girls who were making purchases! (You KNOW I made a purchase for my little princess :) So all in all...I thank Amber for being kind and welcoming, it will continue to take her a long way in her business. I also thank Matilda Jane for making beautiful clothing that is even fun to photograph!

Love this one too... (it was a little chilly out so we had to do some convinving!)

Happy Valentines week friends!