Monday Confessions

Well it's back to reality this morning after a fun birthday yesterday! Here goes this week's confessions and please don't think I have totally fallen off my photography wagon...we kick off our wedding season this weekend :) 

1. Speaking of that wedding...there is currently snow in the forecast! I pray it's just enough to make pretty pictures and not too much to make a mess of travel for my sweet friends getting married! 

2. I have always loved me some yoga pants and I now understand the utter love for Victoria's secret pink's yoga pants...I got my first pair yesterday and they're absolutely heavenly and a nice length for a tall girl!

3. I remembered today that I have a coupon for a free Dunkin' cup of coffee, it really is the small things isn't it?!

4. You all that read my twitter probably know that I have a love for Chick-Fil-A. I not only like the food, but I love the "Chick-Fil-A way" they treat people and do things! Our local CFA has a Monday morning "Mommy and Me" that we are headed to shortly. There's a craft for kiddos and free milk & cookie with a meal purchase. It's really a perfect way to spend a little bit of a rainy Monday morning and get out of the house!

5. I am currently considering a permanent ban of the game Hungry Hungry Hippos in our house! The twins love the game but it's the loudest game ever, especially in the morning. 

6. I am late to the party but just got Chris Tomlins new Burning Lights album and it's great. If you need some fresh, God-centered music in your life, definitely make the purchase and you won't be sad! Through my work in college ministry I have met Chris and his band on different occasions and they're the real deal!

7. I really am tired of wiping kids noses...but it occurred to me as soon as we are done cold season, it will start allergy season. Here's to boxes of Kleenex!

8. What are you all doing to celebrate Valentines Day? Or as I used to call it when I was single, "Single Awareness Day?" :) Thanks to my generous mother-in-law, the hubs and I are looking forward to a dinner out!

9. I highly recommend getting Just Dance 4 for your Wii if you don't have it yet! Super fun for just the people in your house but also a great game to play with a group! We laughed our heads off playing with our families last night when we had them over for birthday dinner. 

10. I am truly blessed and trying to remember that! I am praying for 31 to be a great year. When I say great, I don't just mean full of good things but truly full of joy, even when things are hard. 


I will leave you with a Valentine :) XOXO