Monday Confessions

Today's true confessions....

1. I am wearing sweat pants and hoop earrings. I pray that the hoops distract from the sweats but I realize that my efforts already failed when my 3 year old son just told me that I cannot go out in sweats. "You need jeans Mommy"

2. Where are we going on a Monday you ask? Our favorite place, Chick Fil-A does a Monday morning Mommy & Me with crafts and play time. It's the best thing going if you ask me, mostly because my kiddos play and I drink a cup of coffee!

3. This is a season of restlessness for me. I am weary but hopeful....feels a lot like how I feel at the end of winter most years. I yearn for the sun, warmth and the hope that spring always brings!

4. I booked my flights for Colorado next month...a trip to spread my dad's ashes on what would've been his 60th birthday. I am sure I will write more on this later as I begin to process it. It's mostly just hard for me to believe he's been gone almost 2 years from this year. 

5. As you know, my Grandma turned 85 this past week. I gave her a gift of two empty journals and told her to write. I want her to write her precious memories down as they come to her. She is full of wonderful wisdom that I don't want to lose! I am excited to see what she pens in the months and years to come! Here's "GG" blowing out her birthday candles with Max helping!

6. I got a coupon in the mail for a free Dunkin coffee for my birthay would've thought i hit the lottery the way I acted when I got it out of the mailbox! Sometimes it really is the small things, isn't it?!

7. Are you in the local DE area and have some gently used prom or bridesmaids gowns you would like to donate? There's an awesome charity called the "Formal Dress Project" here in DE that accepts them as donations (tax deducitble) and then sells them very inexpensively to lower income high school girls that need dresses for formals. I love this idea of spreading the love and making everyone happy! Check it out here. 

8. What are some recent good reads? I am in a reading lull but need get into something other than the parenting books I am constantly perusing! 

9. I am currently in a "decorations" in between...not wanting to put our Easter decor yet and I don't really feel like messing with shamrocks. It just seems weird to do Easter and spring decor while its 37 out but I might just have to go with it since Easter is just about a month away! What are you friends doing with  your mantels, etc?

10. I decided yesterday that there are two things that are always full in our house: the kitchen trash and our hamper. Despite me emptying them what feels like all the time, they're always full!

Ok friends, that's all for now and I pray you have a wonderful week, full of the hope that is to come!