Monday Confessions

Yet another Monday already around here! How was your weekend? We enjoyed every bit of the beautiful weather we finally got here.

1. I confess, I am SO READY for spring and not a fan of the fact that there's more snow in the forecast later this week! I thought the ground hog said early spring?!

2. We have spots open still for mini sessions on April 6, shoot me an email if interested!


3. I am loving a fresh scent from Victoria's Secret, it's called Pure Seduction. Now never you mind about the saucy's just a yummy, fresh scent of sweetness! If you need a pick me up, this is a nice one. And if you know me anyway, you know my husband has no sense of nice fragrance is only for my enjoyment!

4. I have banana chocolate chip muffins in the oven as I write because I had three overly ripe bananas that needed a good fate! I love the smell coming from the kitchen right now!

5. We have been dealing with some sickness over the last week, it's mostly been little Max. It's no fun especially because he's been a little bit of a bear and not really eating much. Hope this week brings healing!

6. I have been day dreaming about Shamrock Shakes

7. I have also been good about my commitment to exercise at least 3 to 4 times a week right now. I have been mixing it up between Zumba and Insanity workouts. It's been good for me!

8. Anyone else been catching The Bible series on History channel? I don't think it's award winning acting or anything but it's really neat how it brings the bible to life in ways we may not have imagined before. Definitely check it out next SUnday night if you haven't yet, I think it's nice timing with Easter on it's way!

9. Don't forget your free iced coffee today my Dunkin friends!

Hugs and prayers for a great week!