Monday Confessions, SNOW?!

I have to admit, I have been a cynic when it comes to the weather predictions lately. I assumed that nothing would be falling from the sky when we woke up but I couldn't be more wrong! There's at least a couple inches out there and it just keeps coming! 

1. I confess, I still love snow....even in March on occassion. 

2. I just made a baked oatmeal dish for breakfast and it was yum! I have tweaked my recipe a bit but here's a similar version.  Here was a quick pic of my delish breakfast! It was hard to stop eating...



3. I have my fingers crossed that class gets canceled tonight...although the teacher in me knows it's spring break next week so two weeks off might curse the class momentum we have built. 

4. I started making my own K-cups with the aptly named "Keurig My K-Cup" and I haven't been dissapointed! I bought a bag on sale of a Starbucks blend at the grocery store and it's the bag that just keeps on giving! It's a little more prep time but not much and it's totally less expensive. 

5. Pardon the potty humor but this made me laugh out loud! This is pretty much my life these days :)


6. I am reading about four different books at once right now and having trouble committing to any one of them. A few are off to slow starts but I am going to try to commit and dive in so I can pass along a review or two. We shall see if I get uniterrupted reading time?!

7. We had a great palm Sunday service yesterday at church which included some great singing from the children. It was a precious reminder of all that is to come this week in preparing our hearts for Easter. If you are in the DE area and don't have a church home, we would love for you to join us at LifeHouse next Sunday! Check out details here.

Wishing you a blessed week and don't forget your free Dunkin Iced Coffee today if you venture out! I know, something silly about iced coffee in the snow but hey, it's free and delish :) Happy Monday!