Tuesday Confessions

If you wonder how on earth I missed yesterday's confessions let me tell you! We had a jam packed weekend including me photographing a wedding on Saturday, our truck breaking down with Matt and all 3 kids in it, a full Easter morning with church, egg hunt, family and then an Easter dinner, towing broken truck....among other things! (Sorry for the stream of bad grammar). Anyhow, just keeping it real.

The craziness continued into yesterday morning while piling all 3 kids in the van at 7am in jammies to take Matt to work. You know the old, "if i don't want to be stuck without a car today, we need to go drop him off." It just went from one thing to the next yesterday and although most of it was just daily life, it did include some fun with friends. I think sometimes the daily life stuff is what can overwhelm us the fastest.

Here's a snapshot of us on Easter all dressed for church, thanks to our kind neighbor!

(I was freezing, not sure what happened to that sunny & 60 degree forecast!)

This is more realistic....

Love these crazy kids that made me a mom.... (for the record, Max was busy running around the yard and didn't want any pictures!)


So my real confession is that when life gets crazy, take some deep breaths and try to enjoy the people around you. There was a lot going on yesterday, I thankfully had some good friends to support me and remind me what's important. Things will be busy, cars will break, things will go wrong, but your family and good friends are the treasures of life!

Hope you had a great Easter and are enjoying a fun spring break week!