Monday Confessions, Welcome Spring

Well hello 73 degrees and sunny! I cracked up at myself earlier thinking "my weather finally matches my iphone's weather app icon - which always says 73 & sunny!" Loving what do I need to confess on this Monday?

1. It was the last day of the spring Free Dunkin' Donuts Iced Coffee and I tried the new butter pecan flavor, enjoyed it!

2. I did a 20 min Turbo Jam workout this morning to get the blood flowing. I haven't tried any of the rest of that set but it was a good 20 mins! I will count the rest of the kid chasing today as a workout. 

3. I teach tonight and the lesson is one of my favorites to teach but it's so hard to photography! Have any of you ever tried it? It falls into the category of "WAY harder than it looks." I love the Pioneer Woman's blog about food and life. Any other fabulous food blogs I should know about?

4. Those of you that are local will remember that our local Friendly's burned down last summer. It was super sad for our kids especially because they loved to go there! It was sad for us because it was one of our fav family friendly options. The good news is the grand re-opening is next week, just in time for ice cream season! (I think it being closed saved me some calories though). 

5. I currently have dualing crock pots going for tonights dinner. On teaching nights it can be especially hard to get dinner on the table basically when my husband walks in the dorr and I leave for class. It's a simple meal though with meatball sandwiches and Paula Deen's crock pot mac-n-cheese (a recipe I literally now know by heart :)

6. We spent the morning at the park already with friends. It was lovely to get out but do playgrounds give other mothers anxiety?! Trying to watch 3 kids that go in 3 different directions makes me sweat. Thankfully with friends we can play more of a zone defense and keep kids covered. I learned a little lesson in trust today though, allowing Dean to play a little farther away from me with a new friend that he made. It was hard but I am glad he was allowed a little freedom and handled it well. The other mom he was near said he listened well and was respectful to her son while they played. Maybe something is sticking after all?!

Macy and her new shades from Mimi! (don't mind the hair, it had a head band until the sunglasses. sometimes a girl has to choose :)

7. Last week was kiddos' spring break so we had many adventures to fill our days. One of them was to the Herr's Snack Factory where the kiddos saw all their favorite snacks being made! We had a blast, including hot chips right off the production line. (not the best picture, it happens to photographer moms too....don't worry friends :)



Alright friends, I have a MOUNTAIN of editing to get to between weddings and mini sessions. I will just feel the breeze from my windo while kids nap! Enjoy your week!

 Update: Proof that I am indeed in front of my computer working on this gorgeous day :)

A sneak peek from this weekend's mini sessions!