Monday Confessions

If I am honest, it's been a challenging day. Nothing has necessarily been different than a normal Monday but I am challenging my own heart attitudes today. I am really not as nice as I like to think I am (and if you don't even think I am nice, I totally understand!). Life has sort of worn me down lately. I won't bore you with all the details but often the propsect of waking up on Monday morning, facing a week with my 3 kids knowing I am their primary caregiver for most of it...doesn't get me started off in a good mood. It's an honest struggle. I was thinking about not even posting on the blog today for fear of being discouraging, but I am just being real. 

What did I do though? I read some good honest truth both from the Bible and about motherhood. (If you need a good read, Desperate Mom is where it's at!) 

1. What stuck out to me this morning was this, Proverbs 14:1 "The wise woman builds her house, but the foolish tears it down with her own hands."

Striking...I both have the power to build up my home or tear it down. This morning's ugly attitude had potential to tear down so I needed to get it in check! What helped? Obviously the scripture, but also some more thoughts from the book. 

2. Yesterday we had the awesome opportunity to participate in the 10th Annual Buddy walk that is put on my the Down Syndrome Association of DE. Our lives became directly connected with the DS gang last year through many streams of events but mostly a couple of good friends gave birth to babies with DS. It has truly opened my eyes and altered my perspective but I will share those thoughts another time. Here's to team X-Men, for Maddex and Knox, for being the biggest team out there! It was a great first year effort for them and ALL the people involved. I am excited about what the fundraising can do for the furture of all these sweet kiddos!  

Here's the boys and their families! Knox's Daddy isn't pictured because he is deployed and serving the US! I have to say, these are two awesome women in this picture too that I am glad to call friends! 

3. This brings me to another thought, if you know someone who is affected by Down Syndrome and want to read a great book written by a mother of a child with DS, Bloom is the best. The author, Kelle Hampton, is a beautiful writer and is very open and raw with her first encounters with her daughter. This book came to me at a time last year when I needed to read it! It peeled back the curtain on mothers with a special needs child for me and gave me new eyes to see them, to love them. Honestly, I think it's a great read for any mother. She explores motherhood, faith, and all sorts of things that kept me turning the pages. I literally gave up everything and read it in an afternoon last year! Btw (can I text abbreviate on my blog?!), I have fallen in love with following her on instagram and seeing her little Nella in photos!

4. I have been exploring recipes and my kids have not appreciated it. Although, my husband has enjoyed it! I tried to tell my kids the other night "not all mommies like to cook or try to cook new things." Their appreciate was about as excited as I am to take the trash out. I did try this for Sunday night dinner and although mine didn't look pretty, it tasted great! Braided Spaghetti Bread is delish! I found the bread dough right at my local Acme too, fyi!


5. I confess, I am glad the long weekend is ahead for more family time! I have some birthday planning to do for my little man who turns two. We are truly keeping it simple with a very small family party but I am still going to try to do a few cute things! 

Have a great week friends!