Monday Confessions

Good morning friends, sorry we missed a week with Memorial day and a birthday in the same day last week! Frist things first, I confess I haven't even finished a cup of coffee yet but I am going for it!

1. Here's a fun shot of my baby boy's birthday after he blew out his candles!

Here's another cute shot of him being big boy on the swings!


So now we have a 2 year old and two 3 year olds in our house until the end of the month when it's the twins birthday!


2.    I have a story to share with you. I often have wondered since the beginning of my motherhood days if all kids come with as much energy, spunk and curiosity as one child that I have :) I just had to laugh yesterday as one of his precious Sunday school teachers told me the story of her first day with him. He was apparently up to all his usual tasks like escaping the gate, trips to the bathroom, playing in the sink and water...the list continued. On one of his escape trips into the bathroom he had gotten the lysol and was spraying it everwhere. (I can't make this stuff up) She told me on her ride home, when her husband asked her how it was she replied "it will be better next week, I will have a plan." She even requested an additional child gate for the following week. Yes, my child needs addtional gear to keep him in. The best part is that this sweet friend had been an elementary teacher for over 13 years so she was no rookie....she had just met her new match.

     I think back to our previous church before we moved, they also had baby gates and locks attributed specifially to Dean. He had learned how to break into the snack cabinet. There was one day he sprung the entire class out of their room and the 2 year olds were all making a run for it....I share all this to say, it validates how I feel sometimes. Living with a curious George/Dennis the menace combination can be exhausting...but it can also be lots of fun. I felt validated though, hearing from other seasoned moms that he truly is a handful. So mamas with those extra special, strong willed, handful kiddos...hang in there, it's part of the adventure! (Mostly it's for my personal sanctification I think...) His cuteness definitely helps him stay of of some trouble :)

3. I have been doing some reading of some great books. I just finished Kisses from Katie, a wonderful story of a young woman with a heart for God and a willing spirit. I definitely encourage anyone to read this story of love, compassion and commitment. It has deeply been challenging my own personal convictions and even how I live my every day life here in the U.S. Katie's blog is also a great place to see what she's up to!

4. I confess that Monday's are the worst...honestly, at our house they just are. I usually have tired kids from some variety of weekend fun, which makes them grumpier than usual. I feel like it always rains on Monday (dramatic, I know) so we are stuck in or stuck going on the weekly grocery run. Today's excitment will contain a trip to the doc to get kids a follow up from a test and then a trip to the grocery store. I already dread it and they have already whined when I told them what we had to do today. 

5. I confess I already raised my voice....In the time I have been writing this I can't even list all the issues I have dealt with. It's like they sense me attempting something productive and have to start on their worst behavior. I was even walking towards the crying/screaming chanting "I will not yell"...

6. Word on the street is that Friday is National Donut Day and Dunkin' Donuts is giving free donuts with drink purchases! Check your local Dunkin' and treat yourself!

7. As for photography, it has been picking back up into a very busy season and I hope to be sharing some posts with you soon from the last couple weekends. For those of you asking, I am now booking for August and after so if you're wanting a late summer session, this is a great time to get it on the calendar!

8. Have any of you seen this prank video with Jeff Gordon?! It was race weekend here in DE where all the Nascar fans pour in...thought this was appropriate and GREAT for a Monday laugh!

9. Or have you seen this?! 



Go ahead and laugh at yourself today, I give you permission. Life is too short to be so serious! Have a great week!