Monday Confessions

We had a fun playdate with friends this morning and the moms were discussing how kids are always worst behaved on Monday. I think I concur, although kids enjoyed playing with friends today much more today than doing things like going to the grocery store! They are more willing to behave when it was something fun they wanted to participate in. Funny how adults truly aren't that different, we are the same. Anyhow, WHO CAN BELIEVE June is HALF over?!

1. I confess that our summer is already FLYING and I thought it would feel endless!

2. We are participating in Vacation Bible School at our church this week in the evenings. I am definitely looking forward to it but it's going to make for some LONG days for us! Kids will be home past bedtime every night and they never sleep in. Say a prayer for us this week!

3. I confess that I have been trying to stay on track with eating and working out regularly. It's been a good balance for me, not obsessive but just a part of my lifestyle. It helps that a friend and I are holding each other accountable. I had great success by last friday I broke back into the 140s....but am afraid to weigh myself after the Father's day treats so I will give it a few days. I am really just one stomach virus away from goal :) just kidding!

4. Sorry if you were trying to access my website in the last 24 hours and had trouble! There was a technical issue that threw me for a loop, I was SO THANKFUL that we got it up and running this morning. It's amazing how much you don't think about certain things until they don't work!

5. If you need a little pick me up this afternoon, tune into Pandora radio and put in "motown" for your station. This is not my original idea, a friend posted it on facebook and I have to say that right now I am swaying to "How sweet it is to be loved by you!" Loving it...such a change from our current pop music. 

6. Who really cares that Kim and Kayne had their baby?! Why is that world news and we don't hear about other more important things. I wish them all the best, but I mean isn't she still married to another man? It's just sad to me what we find acceptable and celebrate. 

7. I am dreaming of Rita's water ice right now...Mango to be exact :)

8. I confess I am counting until our beach vacation in a month. I have two weddings to photograph between now and then that I am equally excited about, but vacation & family time are definitely in order!

9. Father's Day, as I assume it always will, made me think about Dad. I have to say though, I have a great peace about things this year since the spreading of his ashes. Spending time with his close friends also helped me to feel closer to him. We had fun though yesterday celebrating with the dads & grandfathers in our lives!

Here's a few pics from the weekend!

Matt & his dad with the kids....

My Poppop pulling Max around...

My step dad, their Poppop, pulling the kids...

Me and my fav girl in the hammock... forgive all the freckles, you can tell it's summer for me!

Have a great week friends!