Monday Confessions

I really just had to ask myself and then confirm that it is indeed Monday afternoon already! Friends, how is it the last week of June and my babies turn 4 on Saturday?!!

Here's what I confess today....

1. I did Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred at 7:30 am and wanted to die. Busy weekend and humidity returning made me really have to push. 

2. I confess I ate half a bag of smores goldfish yesterday. Yes, it was a small bag but a bag none the less. It's these fabulous mini-marshmallows, graham and chocolate goldfish. It makes a smore in your mouth! There's worse snacks right?!

3. Shawn T. from Team Beachbody releases T25 today and I am going to hop in a July challenge group with a friend. I don't think that they will allow goldfish bag eaters into the group so I am going to need to pull it together!

4. I am reading the best book right now, perfect for where I am right now. If you haven't checked out the Momastery blog, you are missing out! Glennon Melton recenetly released her writings into a book, which is hilarious musings on life and motherhood. I so want to be her BFF.

Best advice yet...a smiley bag on your head when you're really muttering under your breath!

5. Macy learned to write her name over the weekend on her own! I have been writing it in dotted letters for her to trace and she finally went out on her own!


6. For any of you concerned after a FB status I posted yesterday about loss...not to worry, no one died. I just have had a lot of business ups and downs lately. It's been hard because it's confusing, but I know I always have room to learn about business. It's especially difficult when I get many emails a week of inquiries and "I love your work" but it doesn't always turn into jobs. I am being vulnerable here because I believe God sends the work he wants me to have. This summer is the quietest wedding summer I have had since graduating college, it's strange for me but I will roll with it! I thankfully though have never been turned down on merit, personality or work ethic, always strictly on pricing. It's a tough business my friends and everyone thinks they're a pro. I just have to sti back and trust that I will truly receive the clients that I am supposed to! To all of you who have trusted me with your weddings and families, I am so thankful and still honored.

7. On a different note, I think I shot one of my favorite weddings ever this last Saturday. It was a good up before a big down :)

8. Thank God for vacation bible schools all over this summer! I got to be a part of Lifehouse's VBS last week, leading a fabulous group of 2 & 3rd graders. We had a lot of fun learning about God and serving! This week, my twins are participating in a different VBS at another local church. So thankful for people willing to invest in kids!

Here's me and some of my gang last week...don't mind the crazy, that's part of the fun :)


9. The summer is whizzing by and I am trying to make the most of if. What are some of your favorite summer fun ideas? I am really wishing for beach day soon!

10. For the rest of this day, I won't put ridiculous pressure on myself for perfection. My house looks like 3 kids and a dog live here (bye, bye pottery barn catalogue dream house ideals). My to-do list is long but I will celebrate things like I have already washed, dryed and remade the bed my 4 year old peed in last night. I have done at least 5 loads of laundry in last two days and yes there's a basket of clean still sitting at end of my bed (although kids clothes are away!) Count the wins today's something I love from a creative designer mama, Emily Ley, I follow. Her favorite saying is "Grace, not perfection." I