Monday Confessions

Do you all feel like you don't know what day it is?! With the fourth of July last week, I am lost. I also apologize to my regular readers for totally neglecting the Monday confessions last week. I literally had a marathon day and it just didn't happen!


1. As for today, I think I offically arrived at soccer mom status! The twins are doing a week of morning soccer camp to learn the sport, have some fun and burn some energy. I was just so thankful that the heat let up just a little. When I picked the kids up Dean said, "I am sweating to death Mom." I told him it was good for him and to drink some gatorade. Kids need to toughen up :) (Dean already outgrew the cleats I bought a month ago so we will be exchanging those!) 

2. Today I am also starting a T25 beachbody challnege group with a few friends. I have already done my workout and shake for the day...just might die trying all this "clean eating" though. Hold me accountable friends!


3. How was your 4th of July? We had an awesome morning down on the bay with my mom and the kids. I felt a little bit like we were in "Mayberry" with the town party complete with cardboard boat races, water balloon tosses and face painting. It was great! We then wrapped it up with a few friends in our yard because we have a good view of our town's fireworks. All in all, a great day to celebrate America!


I want to always remember her like this :)

4. Keep your eyes peeled if you are thinking about a photo session with me, August Specials will be released in the next week or so! 


Have a great week friends, that's all I can confess today :) I have to go get those sweaty soccer players taken care of...