Photographer Confession

Have you ever wondered if photographers get nervous? Well of course we get nervous at times! I also should say that we anticipate and feel moments in weddings, just like guests! Matt (my very cute second shooter and husband) caught an image of me last month as I was awaiting the bride coming down the aisle. I think it says a lot, I am full of both anticipation just to see her and to capture the moments, as well as thinking how I will technically pull it off! (I will also note I need to correct my posture when hauling camera gear )

I also occasionally get asked questions about wardrobe for photographers. If you are still dressing in all black, that's your thing....I,personally am not going to a funeral, so I won't dress like it! I most often dress like a guest would. I usually choose things though like dresses with pockets that I can move around in. On this summer day, I was perfectly comfortable in this dress and flat sandals. I even climbed a ladder for a shot, although that's not always necessary!

A goal of mine as a photographer is to both capture the day and blend into the day. At the end of this wedding, as I said my goodbyes, the mother of the bride said "You were lovely, we barely noticed you were here." I take that as a high compliment. She didn't mean that I didn't direct or interact, because we had plenty of that....but I fall into the scene as the wedding unfolds. I am a part of the day, not an obnoxious force to just be endured (we've sadly all had those types of photographer experiences.) Anyhow friends, enjoy your holiday weekend!