Monday Confessions

It's before 9 am and we thankfully have all eaten some sort of breakfast and I even did a workout, so I dare say we are off to a good start today! The twins start preschool tomorrow and I am looking forward on getting caught up on a few things while they are in school. It has been a fun but long four months since they left school last spring! Here's what I have to confess today...

1. Along with everyone else, I have been loving the pumpkin spice latte for the last decade! I think that I was actually in the middle of college when it came out, how can I possibly be that old?! :) There was a Starbucks at the end of my street then and I can gladly say there's one at the end of my street now. The issue though for me is both the cost and the calories of Starbucks! It's definitely more in the treat category for both categories. My friend and beach body coach Somer, did a post on how to order a different version with way less calories (& maybe cheaper too?!). 

"A grande (16 oz.) with reduced-fat milk will set you back 380 calories with a whopping 50 grams of sugar! Talk about a coffee/sugar buzz! Instead order – a tall blond roast with ONE PUMP of the pumpkin and then a little skim milk or half and half. You instantly have the flavors of fall without all of the calories, and check out the new and much improved nutrition facts - One Pump of Starbucks Pumpkin Spice has 33 calories and only 5 grams of sugar! Make sure you tell your barista to leave room for cream which YOU will add yourself. Even with 2 tablespoons of half and half you are still WELL below the calories and sugar in the Starbucks recipe. If you want it a little sweeter go ahead and add a packet of Stevia in the Raw too." -Somer Dawn Fitness


2. I also confess that there was a handstand challenge this weekend that my husband and I had a good laugh at. My natural reaction was "how hard can it be?" Well apparently it's a WHOLE lot harder than it looks! We even got friends in on the action later when we had company over. Here's my hilarious version after many attempts falling on my head....


3. Potty training is progressing but what's hard is that it's more of a commitment for me than for Max! He's doing great when I put him on the potty, but he hasn't gotten the idea to tell me when he has to go yet. He's done it once or twice in the last couple days so that's progress. I have been using pull ups to avoid messes but I know that he will truly only learn if I put him in undies and stick to it. Any good advice for me mamas? It was a little different with the twins because their schedule dictated our days, but with Max, we are more dictated by other things like preschool, etc. (Just had to stop mid post because I heard "I go poop" coming from Max's room!)

4. I am also in the middle of the seasonal clothing swap. I still had the shorts and such in the drawers until this morning but the major chill in the air confirmed that I think it's time for the jeans and long sleeves to permanently emerge from the bin in the closet. It's not really that fun of a game to have to figure out what still fits on which kid but I just remind myself to be thankful we have clothes to cover everyone! I feel like I have had so many changes in myself as well that I am even playing the "what fits" game and deciding what to purge. I guess God gave us seasons for lots of reasons :)

5. I confess I have been making less excuses about not getting in a devotional and just making it happen! My mother in law recently gifted me a great devotional, Jesus Calling (you can get it as an app on your phone too). I know a lot of people are familiar with it but it's a wonderful read that gives me a little perspective each morning. I also still love Utmost for His Highest and am digging a new app from Mars Hill church with daily devotions too. It's nice to have options even on the run because I don't want to miss God's input on my day even if I am on the go early! 

6. I confess, I ALWAYS forget my resuable bags in the back of my van. I might as well not own any. Does this happen to anyone else?! I know Target gives you a bag credit but I seriously cannot remember to use them! 

7. My husband is loving the show Mountain Men these days and I think it's because he thinks he is one. If you haven't seen his beard recently, count your blessings! I have to say though, as far as shows go, I enjoy watching this one with him! These men are a dying breed and I have to say, some things sort of remind me of my dad too. Who doesn't love an outdoorsy guy with survivor and bow hunting skills?! 

8. I got to see Keith Urban in concert last Saturday and it was a fun show. We had great seats but Matt's Aunt was actually down in the pit! She sent us her pics because they were up close and great perspective. I know that I shouldn't ever go in the pit because I might have passed out being that close to him :) 

Me and the beardedwonder....

Oh do I adore thee and thy Australian Accent....


Ok friends, gotta run! Enjoy your week ahead and remember God loves you!