Monday Confessions

Welcome again my Monday friends! Today I am laughing about many things that have already occured. We started our day with early morning crafts, not because I am cool, but because my kids begged since I purchased supplise over the weekend. I tell you, a half a cup of coffee is just not enough to help 3 kids make crafts at 7:30am but I will call it a win because there was no TV on that entire time! Keeping it real goes nothing...

1. I stepped on the back of Macy's shoe on the way into Costco and the strap busted entirely, which resulted in tears for her "beautiful shiny silver sandals." I got them on the clearance rack at Old Navy and honestly they were already headed to a fate in the trash can once the weather cools permanently. They met their fate a little early today and we purchased a lovely clearance pair of sandals at Target to hold us over for the morning! 

2. My dog continues to bust through our sliding screen which I think I will finally stop trying to fix it. My dad was a master screener so I had seen how he had done them a million times, which left me with screen skills. I am tired though of rolling the screen back in and I believe I will now just embrace our unfasionable "doggie door." 

3. I dressed in workout clothes this morning in hopes of actually working out...does pushing 3 kids and food through Costco count? Well it should! And if it doesn't, the universe aligned and I saw no less than 5 different friends/aquaintances while out this morning! Of course...leave looking like a troll on a Monday morning and it will ensure you seeing many people you know :) 

4. I tried the skinny version of the pumpkin spice I mentioned last week, it was both DELISH and less expensive than the real deal!! 

5. Fall has always been a favorite of mine growing up in the Northeast. The beautiful weather, the fall traditions and even the decorations! I finally got it in gear over the weekend and pulled together my fall mantel. I think I like it very much for October and might tweak for November. What do you think? (Pardon the iphone photo, it's Monday :) And really, when did OCOTBER get here?!!


6. Who has a fabulous pair of black jeggings or skinny jeans they would like to share the brand/style with me?! I am in need of a pair and want to get ones that friends already love. I have a pair from Maurices but they faded so quickly that aren't as dark/dressy as I was hoping. 

7. I am just simply thankful for the beautiful weather we have been having for weeks! May it never go away!

8. I finally watched Call the Midwife, another lovely BBC drama that sucked me right in. It's setting is London in the late 50's and includes nuns and nurses, what more can you ask for?! I got it at the library along with other treasures last week. I finished the first season within a week and put my name on the list for the second season. God bless the library :) I do believe I heard it's on Netflix right now too...

9. Ok well the to-do list is miles long and I am determined to tackle a bit of it while Max is sleeping and twins are doing "quiet time." I sure do miss nap but then they don't go to bed on time. I just keep telling myself that I will miss these days when they are gone...

10. My fall mini-session date filled up without me even advertising. I do however have one last opening at 3:30 on October 12 in Odessa if any of you readers out there are interested :)


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