Monday Confessions, Happy St. Patrick's Day!

It's St. Patty's day but feels a bit more like April fools with the mini blizzard going on outside my window! 

I know everyone's Irish on St. Patricks day but I do honestly have a lovely Irish heritage on my mother's side of the family. I have them to thank for the freckles I am sure! Here's an Irish Proverb to start your day, 

As for confessions...

1. I feel like Olaf from Frozen..I want summer!!!!!

2. Here's what I see out my window...poor cozy coupes were loving those 60 degree days we had!



3. I confess that as a 32 year-old woman, I just made my first fried eggs this morning! I have eaten them all my life, if someone else makes it. Not so sure why I never really tried it until today?! They were a lovely over easy and went great with a slice of whole wheat toast. Here's to attempting whatever intimidates you, even if it's frying your own eggs!

4. I have been slowly bringing out the spring decorations to brighten the mood but this weather keeps toying with us! What are your favorite Spring/Easter decorations to put out? 

5. I am thankfully going strong on my T25 challenge with clean eating, down two pounds from last Monday! I have to confess though, we had a busy weekend of parties and events that I had a couple things not on "the plan." I think the social situations are the hardest! I encouraged myself by getting right back on the wagon and making the best choices in the situtations. I had lots of fruits/veggies and even some wheat crackers, etc. Had I not bee on the challenge though I would've been far more likely to gobble down all kinds of things. I think challenges are great to really open our eyes to what we consume when we aren't paying attention! 

 This has been one of my motivational mantras this week...

That's about it for me today, going to try to keep myself joyful and motivated even if everything is crazy! Don't forget free iced coffee or tea at Dunkin!! Off to find some green to wear...