Monday Confessions

Hey friends another week is upon us so it's time to confess!

1. Thank goodness the sun is shining and tomorrow's weather forecast for 63 degrees and sunny has me giddy!

2. I kicked off my first challenge group today with a group of girls doing T25 Beta round for 4 weeks. I am excited to eat clean and be held accountable to workouts to see where it gets me over the next four weeks. Believe it or not, next week has the first day of spring! I will be starting up more groups later this spring and early summer if you want to get in on it!

3. I asked my social media friends if I should keep reading Gone Girl by Gilian Flynn. I am over 100 pages in now and I am struggling to stay with it. I have heard so many people loved it and I am trying to figure out what they loved? The input on facebook was to stay with it but I have another friend who said, "life is too short to read bad books." Thoughts?


4. It's the second Monday of free iced coffee or tea from Dunkin Donuts! I haven't gotten one yet! Last Monday was a blizzard and today I was busy elsewhere. I might take a walk to the Dunkin near my house later and get that iced tea. I am too tempted to get an iced coffee with yummy sweet stuff in it (remember I just started a challenge group and trying to stay strong!)

5. I think I have underestimated the effect of a long winter on kids too. My little cherubs have been extra crazy and it's been challenging me. I think though that they're all on the cusp of new ages and stages in life. Max is sort of rejecting some his age appropriate transitions, like potty training (don't's that bad). The twins though are growing, changing and inserting lots of independence. There are just some areas I wish they would exhibit that independence more than others! 

Have a great week friends!