Monday Confessions

Hello friends! Sorry I have missed the last couple weeks of Monday Confessions! Along with the end of the school year, a busy photography season and life itself, I've been battling a nasty cold for going on three weeks now too! Just trying to keep it all together my friends :) 

1. We survived Max turning 3 last week, although I might not survive his third year! He has turned quite sassy in his third year and I am trying so hard to remember sweet little Max of days gone by :) He wanted a "Woody and Buzz" party so we had a nice family get together over Memorial Day weekend to celebrate our fiesty little 3 year old! 

2. I confess I love Motown. If you don't know this about me, it's OK to laugh. I think I fell in love with it somewhere around the same time I started being able to drive by myself in high school. I would turn on the oldies station and cruise. If you don't believe me...I have Smokey Robinson playing AS I TYPE :) Don't knock it until you try it...chair dancing is sure to ensue!

3. I also confess that I am still a little in denial that this past week marked 10 years from my college graduation! Ahem...I don't believe that either! Matt and I were on a date night in my college town a few weekends back, which made me a little nostalgic for days gone by. Although I do envy the freedom of college students and the sense that "all of life is still before me," I know that the days I am in now raising a young family is where I am supposed to be! 

4. I just finished reading  From Black Heels to Tractor Wheels by  Ree Drummond, also known at the Pioneer Woman. It was a great memior of her story of falling in love with the "Marlboro Man." If you watch her Food Network show or read her blog at all, you know she has a great sense of humor and fun writing style. I laughed through it a lot but also was touched by the sentiment of a lot of it. The book even includes a few recipes I want to try! It's definitely a read I recommend!



5. Last Friday I had my first time ever going strawberry picking. It was a nice day and I had the genius enough plan to let the kids do the picking (they're lower to the ground anyway right?!) It was fun picking and fairly uneventful until I went to drive my minivan out of a muddy field...a 2WD van was no match for the mud. Thank goodness for a kind hearted farmer and his John Deere to drag us out of the mud! After all the excitement, I was excited to try a few new things with our strawberry crop. I made strawberry freezer jam and a yummy strawberry pie. 


(sorry for sideways photos, after MULTIPLE attempts to correct this ain't happening and this blog post is already taking forever :) 




Hope you all have a great week ahead!