Monday Confessions

Hey friends! I just ordered Father's day gifts! Who knew it was sneaking up on us so quickly?! Is it really almost half way through June and half way through our year?! I know I sound like an old mama, but it really feels that way and it's a good time to reflect. Today I am not going to do a tradiotional "confessions" but rather some things I am thankful for. 

1. I am thankful for healthy children! I take this for granted a lot, which I know I shouldn't. I saw "The Fault In Our Stars" this weekend and a lot of that book/movie is emotional, but what really got me was the parents. I can't imagine walking in those shoes....fighting daily to keep your child alive. It's a good perspective check for all of us with healthy kids, to be so so thankful! 

2. I am thankful for a great Bible teaching church, Lifehouse Church. Last Sunday we were so priveleged to celebrate a baptism service where 40 people were baptized, a lot of which were children! It hit home to me that faith comes in all forms and Jesus can capture the hearts of our kids at an early age. There were vast testimonies from all different ages and stages. It was touching to hear how Jesus came into the lives of each person. There's a beautiful video from the event you can view here. VBS is coming next week if you're local and want your kids to check it out! Dean made the promo page :) This kid...

3. I am thankful for health care...say all you want about the crazy going on in government but in lots of countries in the world, access to health care is nonexistant! I am generally very healthy and just need regular check ups but knowing that if something went wrong, I could get anyone in my family immediate medical attention is a blessing we take for granted!

4. I am thankful for a home with running water and climate control. We complain if our AC isn't cold enough...but we forget that elsewhere in the world there are people just praying for a mosquito net to try to fight off the malaria caryying mosquitoes or walking miles just for tainted water. Lets be honest, we think slow internet is a hardship!

5. I am thankful for a sometimes unconventional but great Dad. I always think about him but especially this week it can be hard. I am thankful though for his lasting legacy in me and try to continually share who he was with our kids. (And OF COURSE I am thankful for my mom! With Father's Day this week, Dad's just been on my mind).

6. I am thankful for a hard working, loving husband. I know that my kids and I are SO BLESSED by having Matt as the head of our family. It doesn't mean it's always a fairy tale or easy, but he's such a consistent and steady force of love in our lives. I know this is also something I sometimes take for granted and shouldn't!

7. I am thankful for a good workout! There's nothing like working hard and dripping sweat to take care of your body! It also teaches you a lot about what you're really capable of. You can do A LOT more than you think you can! I am going to go do that shortly....

8. I am thankful for a good cup of coffee. It truly can get a day started right or heal a lot of other ills. (Sort of like the British with their tea, there's not much a good cup of tea can't fix!)

9. I am so thankful for good friends!!! I got a rare mommy night out this last weekend and it was fun to just hang out with friends and chat about life. Sometimes I think good friends in life can rescue you from all sorts of pain and disasters!! You ladies all know who you are...SO GLAD to have you all! 

10. I am thankful to own a business. As much as it can be great, it can also be very daunting at times. I was reminded last week though that to be a woman in America is still a great privilege. I can vote, own a business and pretty much have equal rights with male counterparts. In most parts of the world, a girl can only dream of those types of opportunities. I am honored for those that choose me to capture their most precious memories like new babies or wedding days! I am now booking into next year for weddings so if you're engaged, shoot me an email and lets chat :)


Hopefully today you can stop for a few minutes and consider some things that you are thankful for! Hope you have a wonderful week!