Monday Confessions…

Hey friends! Ever have a Monday where your eyes are barely open and you feel the weight of everything you need to get done before your head hits the pillow again at night? I am feeling that way today. I just have a running list of lots to do this week (like everyone else) trying to get ready to photograph a beautiful wedding on Friday and then leave for vacation on Saturday!

1. I confess that stress can make me a lot less patient than I would like. I need to regularly apologize to my kids if I have been impatient or over reacted. Sorry kids…your mama is human! (I am sort of an emotional mess thinking about them starting kindergarten in just a few weeks. Am I alone there?!)

2. On the to-do list today, updating my defensive driving course. I have been spending time in front of the computer being reminded of who has the right of way and what causes collisions. I have to admit, this is really probably a good thing for all of us to! (And you get that insurance discount!)

3. I read a good easy read over the weekend upon recommendation of another blogger I follow. I read We Were Liars by E. Lockart  and it had a big surprise ending! I was a little embarrassed that it had the "teen" sticker on the outside (library book) but I can see why someone recommended it. It's a perfect pool or beach read! 

4. I am trying a new recipe for a chipoltle peach chicken tonight! I will let you know if it's good!

5. I am so excited for my current PiYo challenge group happening through my Beach Body coaching. I had one mom of two young kids text me this morning so excited because after one week of clean eating and following the exercise plan, she's down 4 pounds and 4 1/2 overall inches! It works my friends when you commit! Let me know if you want in on my next group :) PiYo is still on special through tonight here or email me with any questions! My other favorite T25 is on special with a challenge pack this month! You can get fit in just 25 minutes a day!

6. It obviously does take a village to raise a child…and I need my village! I am anxious about getting into a school routine with the twins. Any great advice out there for how you tackle mornings and get kids to school without screaming or tears?!!

7. I learned today that if you are focused and working, if you get interrupted, it will take you 15 minutes to get back on track with the same focus and productivity. I was shaking my head! As as work at home mom, I know this problem well. Any other work at home moms have great tips for me on how to get focused work done while not having constant distractions?

8. Vacation is this weekend…5 days stand between me and the beach!! What books should i be taking? (that is if I get to read any!) 

9. I am going to be "that mom" for one minute and tell you that my Macy is going to be Little Miss Peach this weekend in our towns Old Tyme Peach Festival parade! She is beyond excited to represent our town and ride in the parade! Photos will come next week I am sure :) 

Wishing you a wonderful week and now back to my defensive driving…