Monday Confessions, Out of Survival Mode

    SO last week I had the big confession, that I really can't do it all well! That confession has both challenged and taunted me over the last week. There were moments when I wanted to say "Yes" to more new things but I was challenged to wait. There were other moments I took in a deep breath and was glad to know my limitations. I have a feeling this is a continuum that I will remain on for a while. In certain seasons of life, we can be more limited than other seasons. With that being said, I am in a new season. 

    Any moms of little people know that the season with babies in your house is most often a one of sheer survival. If you have multiples like I do, it can feel even more that way. In this new season of kindergarten for the twins, I am learning a few things about myself. I was in survival mode for so long, it's strange to start finding spare moments here or there where it's ok just to sip my coffee and talk to my 3 year old. Don't get me wrong, having my 3 year old still here is still work, but after never having just one at a time, this is a good time for us. It's a time for me to step back and try to enjoy him before he leaves me for kindergarten too! I think as days, weeks and months pass, I might have more to say about this "out of survival mode" transition I find myself in. I mean lets be honest, I have already worked out, showered, dressed and used a hair dryer all before lunchtime! That definitely wasn't happening two years ago when I had 3 kids three and under in my house!

So for today's confessions….

1. I am still on the 21 Day Fix and going strong. The weekend really tested me and although I wasn't perfect, I did really well and maintained my weight loss. I am down 3 lbs in a week and hoping to see the scale move a little more in the next two weeks as well. I just want to head into holiday season with a good understanding of nutrients and portions while fitting comfortably into my clothes! 

2. Got my free Dunkin coffee this morning! GO EAGLES! (although I am missing my pumpkin spice and my creamer!!) It's so beautiful out here that Max and I actually walked to Dunkin for my coffee, then over to the pet supply store to visit the kitties and guinea pigs. I am trying to savor the moments when these are still the things he wants to do with his mama!

3. Over the weekend a good friend turned 30 so his fabulous wife planned a Limo bus and a night out to Lucky Strikes in Philly! It was the swankiest bowling alley I have ever seen (which might not be saying something?!) We had so much fun but my bowling was horrible. I guess it's one of those things though that you can still enjoy with friends even if you're stinking it up! If you need a fun night out idea in Philly, definitely make a reservation at Lucky Strikes on Chestnut St! Here's the birthday boy with all the ladies! Thanks for a fun night!

4. I am currently reading Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder with the twins in the evenings and it's been really sweet. I think it's funny how things like books can bring us together! There are so many strange ironies though like being able to watch the old pilot episodes of Little House on Youtube! Nothing like the current technology to connect us with the past. It's funny too when they ask brilliant questions like last night with Dean, it dawned on him when the whole house was put together and he says, "Where do they go to the bathroom?" I am glad my boy made that observation because it showed he was listening, but then we had to talk about outhouses. Thank goodness for modern plumbing!

5. This weather….is there anything better than sunny and 75?! I confess it's totally my favorite! I am SO looking forward to photo shoots every weekend for the next month! Here's to praying the weather stays like this for a while though! 

Hope you all have a wonderful week my friends!