Monday Confessions

            I confess that I am tired and it's only 2pm :) I am 27 weeks pregnant today, can you believe that? My due date was exactly 3 months from yesterday and it is hitting me! This baby boy is on his way in no time at all! We've been all over already today and god bless my sleeping preschooler! He fell asleep 2 minutes from home but thankfully is resting on the couch…hallelujah! 

1. I am SO GLAD that photography season is kicking back into gear! I got to photograph a beautiful small wedding vow exchange last week at Winterthur Gardens. It was still a bit chilly but the flowers were in bloom! Such a beautiful couple…


2. If you are interested in a spring photo session, contact me ASAP because I have select photography booking this month and then June is wedding season!

3. I confess that this weekend was crazy and my only exercise was walking or chasing kids. This morning though I got myself in gear and did my T25! I feel better going through the day and I know I am investing in my long term healthy. I have to confess though it's probably not cute! :) Haha…push ups on my knees, I modify all the impact moves but I am still going! 

4. I confess that my eating is not perfect but I AM FAR better this pregnancy than any previous pregnancy so I am calling that a win. What were your craziest pregnancy cravings? 

5. We are into TBall season in full swing (pun intended :) My kiddos (& Hubby) are loving it and having fun!!



I hope you all have a wonderful week, I better put my feet up for 5 min before I go get the other kiddos from school. Carry on warriors…