Monday Confessions

   Hi friends, sorry for the couple week hiatus from blogging! We of course had Easter weekend and I can't even remember the week before that?! Last Monday was straight from heaven though, all 3 kids were off of school and it was warm and sunny! We enjoyed the ENTIRE day outside…I am talking picnic lunch and picnic dinner. We have suffered what feels like the longest winter ever in the North East and we have had it! The local park had no parking spots by 10am near the playground that day if that tells you anything at all….And today looks like a weather repeat of last week, so we are going to go get out there for a while! 

1. I confess I can't believe these are my big kids! Check out these crazy kids on Easter (still hard for me to believe they will be holding a little brother this time next year?! Outfits are mostly from Gymboree) 



2.  Speaking of these kids growing up, some days it really hits me a whole lot more than others. I see daily progress like loose teeth or being able to read words they couldn't before, but last week when I had a full on discussion with Dean about the style of Georgia O'Keefe I was a bit floored. These little babies that came from my belly are growing, blossoming humans who have feelings, dreams, and ideas. It's amazing and terrifying all at the same time!. 

3. A few years ago if you had told me that at 25 weeks pregnant, I would still faithfully be working out 3 to 4 times a week at minimum, I would have laughed in your face. I have to say, it feels good to be to the 25 week mark and staying active. We had an ultrasound last week and little man is progressing right along. (No we don't have any names yet, totally struggling in that department!) 

 4.  I just finished up a cute novel, City girl, Country Vet. For some reason I have been on a memoir kick and I thought  that this was another one, but I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't! It was a fun and easy read about the trials of a country veterinarian in the UK. It was a nice change of pace from the other non-fiction I have been reading. 

5. I confess I have been struggling with meals lately. I both aspire to cooking greatness but am usually so tired by the 5 o'clock hour that I am rendered useless. I did however find great success from trying a recipe from Shauna Niequist's Bread and Wine book. I did Annette's Enchiladas and these are a bit life changing people! Go  here for the recipe and bless your family!  (Or bless a friend :) Shauna writes that these were always welcomed by mamas with newborns or other friends in need of meals). They are layered and not rolled, so think more like a enchilada lasagna style!

6. Guys, I am in a TV drought. Not that I watch a ton of it, but I think endless hours of Food network or certain reality shows isn't really the best for me. Any great stories out there that you love? I am going to miss Downton Abbey after next season! Call the Midwife might start hitting too close to home if you know what I mean ;) What's a good show to check out? 

7. Word on the street, Wawa is doing free coffee all day this Thursday the 16th! If you live near one, it's worth stopping in for :) I also heard Panera is doing free coffee all month long with your rewards card!

8. I am turning into my mother … honestly it's probably in more ways than one but I am referring to my excitement over libraries and books. Being a mom of a young family, sometimes the biggest thrill of my week is getting an email from my library that a book I've been waiting for is now waiting for me :) I used to spend days off from work getting pedicures, thrift shopping, or just enjoying the freedom of young adulthood. Now that I am am mama, the free adventures that come in a library book are my little thrills in life. If I have a good book and throw in a good coffee, I honestly could be set for hours. And how is this turning into my mother you ask? She retired from her "big" career in the medical administration field and now adores working as a library assistant in her town!  (She even got the beaded string for her glasses but I will have to draw the line there for now…)

With beautiful weather yesterday, we spent the afternoon playing outside and just taking in family time! Here are some photos my lovely husband took of the kids… (And yes, that's chocolate on Dean's face from an after dinner Dilly bar :) Happy Monday!