The Power of Kind Words

     I have been giving some thought lately on all the information we are bombarded with on a daily basis. We are constantly being told things and shown things, both in our daily interactions with family as well as media input. I don't need to even start to think of how social media impacts us (I am sure entire books are being written on this subject). The news has been so hard to swallow lately, with all sorts of horrible things happening as well as just societal changes constantly taking place. I understand that we cannot live in a world of consistent comfort or complacency, because we would never move forward.

It's in these times though that I realize the absolute power and beauty in KIND words. Kind words can change your day and even your life over the long run. As a photographer, we are usually quick to only hear critiques of our work or pricing, etc from people. In general, it can be daunting to run a business and deal with keeping clients happy. In the midst of wedding season, I just got a beautiful note from a bride who was celebrating her first anniversary. I share this not as a prideful thing, but as an encouragement. When you have something nice to tell someone else, you should!

Here's what my bride had to say, "Just a note as we come close to our one year anniversary to say how much I appreciate your attention to detail. We are at a wedding where the photographer took 1 picture of every moment THATS IT! Never met a wedding photographer who got it perfect shot the first time every time." 

Humbly I admit, I definitely don't always get it perfect every time but I am glad she saw it this way! As a business owner, there's nothing I can do better than to make my clients happy and hope that they will refer me to others. I have learned countless things after over 10 years in business and mostly I beat myself up when I realize I could be doing it differently…better…or compare too much to others. It can be hard to keep going, but then you get a note like this. These kind words remind me of why I do what I do. I captured a wedding day for ONE couple that will never forget it!

If you didn't catch this on Facebook, here's what I am working on this week…