Monday Confessions, Late Edition

Hello friends. I have been wanting to write all day but every time I would try to start, something would happen (and even the writing of this has been interrupted multiple times). I am being consistently reminded that life with a newborn is so inconsistent! I should also mention that I am running on very little sleep, so if anything is incoherent then you know why! I definitely didn't want to miss my chance to confess today, so here goes...

1. I confess that my family ate ice cream for dinner last night. We were swimming  and I just said "hey, who wants to go get ice cream for dinner?!" Dean replied with, "you're joking, right mom?" I wasn't kidding though. I heard a friend who did this once a summer and the kids always loved it. We went to Somerset Farm in Bear, DE and it was DELISH! (I did have the kids eat a bowl of cereal too when they got home because I didn't want them to starve). I think it's important to lighten up once in a while from the norm and do something fun! And hey, no one complained!

2. My sister in law got married on Saturday. It's one of those things that you hear about, plan and wait for but it comes and goes so quickly! It was fun to see the wedding through my kids eyes because they adored being a part of it all. They were even "playing wedding" the next day. For me it was a nice time to take a step back and see all that I have to be thankful for!

Congrats Ashley & Kenny, I know you're enjoying Barbados right now! (I am green with envy!)

I know that I am biased but these are beautiful children...

3. I confess that I just got my first large box of Pumpkin Spice K-Cups and actually drank the first one today! I know we are kicking off a heat wave here in the northeast but I am mentally ready for fall! 

4. If you haven't seen the new Jim Gaffigan show on TV Land, you're missing out. We watched the episodes last week and my husband laughed so hard he was in tears! It helps that we now have 4 kids so a lot of his family life jokes were hilarious to us. Do yourself a favor and watch it tonight! 

5. I confess we have been majorly touched by the generosity of friends recently. We have friends that are so good to us! Just today a friend stopped by on her way out of town to bless me with a hug, a hello and generous gift card for dinner out! How loved are we?! I am constantly reminded that we have some wonderful friends and we don't deserve all their goodness!!

6. Our extended family is at the beach this week in NC and I confess that I wish we were too. Don't get me wrong, we were invited but our kids start school this week! There's nothing we love more as a family than being beach bums for vacation! 

7. I finished up Jen Hatmaker's For the Love last week and I was sad when it was over! The topics meandered a bit but I enjoyed that. It was easy to pick up and put down. It had me laughing, it had me crying and other feelings in between.

It definitely drove home the point to me that my time with my kids in the house is limited and I want to make the most of it! I don't want to squander our time but I also don't want to pressure the heck out of myself to try to create some unrealistically magical childhood. It's important to let kids learn from life. I read the book with a pencil and I underlined so much! I think I could stand reading it again on a regular basis. I think a review of this book might merit it's own blog post another day! 

8. I have two FIRST GRADERS in the house!! How is that possible?! Come Wednesday morning I will be one part sappy crying and another part happy cheering them on! I do love embracing the next season for each kid as time rolls on past us! 

9. I confess that I think a part of parenthood is imparting your musical tastes or at least your musical knowledges on your kids. I got many a lesson on Eric Clapton in the back seat of a Bronco in my child hood. We know have been enjoying our kids picking up on different music that we listen to. I had to smile today as my kids were upstairs playing and I could hear Macy singing a Mumford and Sons song. It also makes me realize just how much the kids so easily absorb so I guess we better make sure it's good stuff! 

10. And just to round it out to ten...I confess that I am looking forward to pumpkin donut munchkins at Dunkin Donuts. Don't judge, they're delicious!