Monday Confessions, Labor Day

     Here's to the American work force and celebrating labor day! I am definitely thankful for a little more family time today as we head into the busy fall season full of school, photography and life in general! As always, I have had a few things rolling around in my brain that I need to confess this week...

1. As much as I love America, I think the U.S. has a current epidemic of lack of respect. I see this seeping in everywhere and it bothers me. Since when do we not respect our police force or public workers? Since when do we not respect laws? Even this morning I saw an awful video on the news where two high school football players completely blindsided and tackled a referee at their football game because they didn't like the calls. Let me say, I grew up with a dad that was very much "question authority" but he also would always have said, "respect authority."  We might not always like what those in authority have to say or what they do (and there are those who abuse it, which is a different conversation) but I do think we need to do an assessment of how we treat each other. This lack of respect can be dangerous if left unchecked! 

2. I am super bummed that Tim Tebow is done before he got started on the Eagles! I was so excited to watch him play in Philly and thought it might even give me some added interest to watch. Why Philly why?!

3. Parenthood. Where have I been?! I am super late to the party but bless Amazon Prime for allowing me to watch this touching show in consecutive episodes. I think though that the timing of watching it now has been good for me. I have been home a lot so it gives me something to check out now and then when feeding the baby. I know it's just a tv show but it has encouraged me that you can raise four kids to grow up to be each other's best friends. I pray for that in the long run with my family!

4. I am reading Through the Gates of Splendor, which is the tale of 5 missionaries in the 50s who went to share the gospel in the Jungle in Ecuador. I basically keep finding myself reading incredulously that people would be so motivated by love to want to share the gospel so badly. In general, most of us struggle with being inconvenienced or giving up comfort. These missionaries gave up everything and in fact, persued a tribe that were openly known as killers. I mean you had me at jungle heat with no air-conditioning, snakes and giant throw in a tribe of killers with spears and I am pretty sure I will bow out. I was just reading a chapter where one of the wives was 7 months pregnant and walking into the jungle with a machete...Don't even get me started on contemplating having an infant in those circumstances. (The movie End of the Spear was based on this true story) 

5. Did you know the Power Rangers are in their 22 season and my kids love this weird show?! The bad guys are so odd and it still seems a bit cheesy but they can't get enough! This "team" of rangers is the Dino Charge edition. They even had the Red Ranger come to their birthday party this summer! I guess you never know which shows will last and be popular?! 


As for photography, I have a stack of personal editing to get to but anticipating a busy fall season! I still have select September and October availability if you're interested in a session! emily@   

And for those of you wondering...yes I am surviving with a 6 week old but some days aren't cute :) Have a great week!