Monday Confessions, Presidents Day & Favorite things

            Here we are in mid-February on the day we reflect on our presidents who sacrificed to lead, or if you're a kid you just enjoy the day off! Today has gotten me thinking though about the great presidents of eras past and how those that faced the most adversity seem to be better remembered. It also has me extremely concerned with our current presidential campaign and candidates. I don't know if I am really rooting for any one of them just yet, but it keeps me involved in the democratic process. There are tons of quotes attributed to good old honest Abe Lincoln but I love this one personally,

Today's post though isn't political or even deep, just going to share some of my favorite things in this season of my life! SO here are some of my favorite things these days....

1. Heated seats: Yes, it's been about 10 degrees here in Delaware and heated seats are a mama's friend. If the baby falls asleep in the back seat on a preschool run, I occasionally linger in my driveway with my heated seat and my cup of coffee. You should try it!

2. OPI glitter polish: It's a fun way to wear metallic and bring a little sparkle to otherwise dreary winter days. In a way they're also neutral and kind of go with everything! A favorite color is "Ce-less-stial is More."

3. Swell Bottle: I love my new Swell bottle with my monogram! It keeps ice for at least 24 hours and is a great way to keep my water with me either on the go or when I am trying to make sure I get enough in. (This was a bday present from my sweet sister & brother-in-law! Thanks guys! It actually comes with a funny story because this is the SECOND one they've given me. The other one is lost somewhere in a Greek Orthodox church, I kid you not). If you're local to me, you can get one at Heart & Home in People's Plaza!

4. Dunkin & Starbucks Apps: Don't judge but for a girl who loves her coffee, these are great ways to put a little money on a digital gift card to either budget the spending and make it very convenient to just pay on your phone. 

5. Coldplay album, A Head Full of Dreams It's awesome as always. I love listening to them in various moods and while driving. Cool cover art as well...


6. Hell on Wheels, an AMC show: It's definitely gritty historical fiction. It does not sugar coat a lot, meaning there's much that can be hard to watch at times, but it's so beautifully shot. I am hooked! The story line is that of the race to build the Union Pacific railroad in post-Civil War America. Some characters are entirely fictional, while others are based on real people in history. Another true confession though is that the main character, Cullen Bohannon, played by Anson Mount, might be one of my favorites entirely by himself (Blush). 

7. Baby Einstein Jumper and that chubby baby that goes in it! We love this jumper because it keeps Ben happy and supports him while he still learns to hold up at that cuteness! Excuse the phone snap shot but it perfectly captured his gummy grin and his ankle rolls! 

8. Modern Love Podcast: This is a new favorite that I was tipped off to by a friend. I didn't know what to expect but the stories range from beautiful tales of adoption to the shenanigans of a first date that ended in an ER visit. It's based on a column in the New York times so everything is obviously really well done. I just enjoy it because sometimes I want to listen to something that engages my brain as I drive all my circles in #momlife. 

9. Loveswept lotion from Philsophy brand, it smells so heavenly! I used a gift card to treat myself to it at Ulta. I dare you to smell it and not love it! I've even had people ask me what fragrance I am wearing and it's just the lotion! 

10. My hubby, he's my most favorite. On friday we realized it was our "half-iversary," we have been married 9 and a half years! We are fast approaching the big ten! In life you really need a partner in crime who can make you laugh when you want to cry. I definitely have that in Matt! So thankful for his sense of humor and his approach to life that focuses on what matters...sometimes I have to look the other way on his affinity for shooting things out of the sky or letting animal skulls "cure" in places around the homestead... Love you honey! Ha!