The B Family

  If you've been around at all on this blog you've heard me talk about me balancing priorities. This past fall I was busy photographing and serving clients but my blogging fell by the wayside. I thankfully was able to learn a new system in my blogging that should hopefully remedy this in the future a little more! 

Here is a family session that's way over due for sharing! I loved these images and the kids were such good sports about being photographed that is made it all the more fun for me. It's kind of funny too in Delaware if you talk long enough, you learn of more and more people that you have in common! We enjoyed a beautiful fall day this past November for this session in Smyrna, DE while we chatted about friends we knew and had fun with the kiddos. I absolutely loved the styling of their clothing as well, it worked perfectly for their gang and made for beautiful color in the foliage.