Monday Confessions

     It is 17 degrees here in the Northeast this morning, can you say it feels like January?! My big kids had a 2 hour school delay due to ice a snow, which I was actually thankful for. It gave us more time to bicker over getting on things like shoes and brushing teeth ;) I kid, I kid...they were pretty good about enjoying the extra time but getting ready. Of course it's Monday so it's time to confess...

1. We have been struck down by sickness, including myself. I confess that after a week of antibiotics I am finally on the mend! If I could just get rid of this lingering cough that would be great. All the sickness has been putting a damper on my plans to get to the gym! (I got there this morning though!)

2. If you love a new cookbook with things you can actually make, you will love Rachel Hollis's Upscale Downhome. I am actually borrowing it from a friend but loving the recipes and thinking I might need my own copy! I confess a handful of the things are recipes I already make like the Sticky Ham 'n' Cheese sandwiches and the spicy corn dip, so it gives me confidence that these are recipes I can handle. Her philosophy and back story are also great! She shows you how to create a fun party on a budget. 

3. Friends, I watched Me Before You over the weekend. I am a fool because I even knew what was coming and it reduced me to tears. I am that girl that still watches a movie hoping the plot changes from the book, but alas, it stuck to the story. If you haven't seen it, it's a tear jerker but adorable all the same. It makes one ponder some deep questions on the value of human life but that's another chat for another day. I did actually really like the soundtrack too, so check that out!


Well my internet friends, I have to keep today short! I have a long list of photography business and teaching prep to get to before the baby wakes and it's time to get big kids from school! 

I will leave you with a little John Steinbeck for your afternoon,

"What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness."