Baby A

There really is nothing sweeter than a baby girl! You might remember my recent maternity session post in the beautiful snow. It was definitely an act of providence because Liz went into labor a few days later with this sweet baby girl! Baby A is just a little peanut and I loved every minute of getting to meet and photograph her!

Both Mommy & Daddy went to West Virginia so Baby A is already a Mountaineer fan, naturally :)

A sweet one with her parents...

2010 Favorites of Families and Little Ones

I promised so I must deliver :) It can be really hard to look through a year's worth of work and pull out a batch of images. So again, I just chose some of the images that I have loved from this year - some happen to be client favorites and others have just become personal favs of mine. Makes me smile to think of how much some of these little ones have already grown since they have been in front of my camera! And if you are looking through this thinking "hey why didn't my beautiful family/child make this list" really it's only because I would run out of space. 

I am also looking for feedback on viewing images in the blog, I am trying just a simple watermark on this batch of images verses my custom banner - appreciate feedback. Is the watermark less distracting to the image than the banner? Just always working to make the best viewing experience for you the reader.

I am now booking 2011 sessions if you are interested, contact me, would love to work with you! 


Sweet Shiloh

Oh the sweetness of a new little one! :) Shiloh is just over a week old and sweet as she can be. She didn't seem to be bothered by me taking pictures of her or moving her around or even the few wardrobe changes we did to her! It's always fun for me to get to do a newborn shoot, but especially for good friends it means all the more. As always, I am honored when a friend asks me to capture their life moments, especially a new addition. I bet you will just want to reach in these pictures and grab her little cheeks..I know I did! Congrats Curtis, Shawna, Caanan and Charis on the newest addition to your great family!

Mia Rose

My good friend Chantel had a baby a couple weeks ago and her sweet baby girl is Mia Rose. (I like her middle name, it's my middle name too :) Mia is so little and cute, it's hard to think that she will ever tell a lie or hit her brother...but we know these things will come in time! But for today, I just ate up her cuteness and I want to share some of that cuteness with all of you! Of course we had to squeeze in some shot with big brother Josh too!!

Allison and Nicholas, welcome to the world!

SO as many of you know, I have a set of boy/girl twins. It is almost their first birthday and I thought for sure that once I had twins, surely none of my other friends would have the same experience. I just thought that I had taken up the odds :) Turns out I was very wrong because my good friend Julie just had Allison and Nicholas last month! We have bonded over many things during our more than a decade friendship, including each others weddings and sharing air mattresses on many a mission trip :) Both being mommies to twins was not something we ever foresaw in our futures but now it's such a huge part of our identities. Julie, unlike me, was already a mommy to her sweet 3 year old Ella, so Allison and Nicholas joined their big sister Ella in the Bacon house! Here are some pics I got to grab this last week while I stopped by for a visit. Ella of course didn't mind letting me snap a few of just her & they ended up being some of my favs!

And shout out to my GREAT friend Lisa who watched my babies and her baby while I went to see Julie! Thanks Lisa, couldn't have done it without your help this week!

Happy 1st Birthday Kyle!

Meet my new friend Kyle, he's a sweet boy that's turning one today! I got the chance to capture some of his fun personality this week. He is definitely curious and wants to be everywhere. His mom Sara is a friend of mine from way back and we actually reconnected last year when we were in the same parenting class at the hospital. It was fun to take pictures of Kyle while hearing all about Sara's life these days, which includes Kyle of course :) And the crazy part is that this sweet family now lives in Amsterdam, far far away - but we made time for a photo session while Kyle was in town to celebrate his birthday with his American side of family. Happy Birthday Kyle!

Happy Easter!

I had fun the other day taking some shots of the kids with a few Easter props, I figured why not - it's their first Easter! They also met the bunny at the mall while we were there on some errands & they loved it by the expressions on their faces!
I know that Easter is so much more about the risen Christ and the fact that he came to give us life. We did read the Easter story throughout the week with the children's Bible. They reached for the pages and looked at the pictures although the concepts are beyond them at this point. We pray though that Easter will come to mean something very special to them as well someday! Enjoy :)

My Sweeties

Ok so I know they are mine but I still think that they are really cute. I want to share a few more pics from last weekend's impromptu photo shoot. I really can't believe how fast these babies are growing or how much my life has changed, but I embrace one day at a time. It's hard not to smile looking at these two - they are just precious!