Nicole & Alan, Sneak Peek!

This past Saturday I was a part of a fabulous wedding of friends. If you live in the Northeast you know that the weather was absolutely perfect. Thank you hurricane Earl for passing through on Friday! Here's a sneak peek of the day... hope to blog more later this week! :)  I know you people are reading because now I can see how many visits I get in a day so make some comments! Lets start some conversations!

What really made my day was this email in my inbox this morning -

"Hey Emily!
 I just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work, professionalism and most of all, your positive energy you gave to all of us this past Saturday. I know both Nicole & Alan were so grateful that you were their photographer and our family can not wait to see the pictures!! You are such a gifted young lady and also a beautiful person inside and out!
I am so thrilled that you were a huge part of their special day!
Take care and again, Thank You from the bottom of my heart!
Patty (Nicole’s Mom)"

Thanks for your kind words Patty & here's a sneak peek!