Monday Confessions, Early Edition

Monday has snuck up on us once again! I am attempting to post early today as to not have to confess to many failures or unflattering situations :)

1. Matt was in a wedding this past weekend of his lifelong friend. The wedding was set in beautiful State College, PA (the Groom is a Penn St grad). It was definitely a pretty weekend to drive through the PA mountains, or "foothills" as my dad called them. He said once you lived in the Rockies, the PA mountains really only were foothills :) I digress....I did grow up sharing my dad's love of the mountains and I appreciated the short time away to celebrate with friends! It was nice to be a guest for once!

2. Saw lots of Amish buggies on our ride to and from. Something dawned on me as we chatted about the Amish way of life, if there is some kind of apoclypse or power grid outtage - they are going to be just fine! Amish would totally survive any kind of governement meltdown, etc because they are totally removed from it. I like modern conveniences but for a moment, I did envy their simplicity and preparedness of living off the land. 

3. I came across a way to watch Downton Abbey's season three on the internet last week. I held off until Friday to reward myself and watch episode one. I have already watched the first three episodes! Season three is only out in the UK and not supposed to arrive in the US until January. Am I a total cheater?! Episodes 4 & 5 are out as well but I will ration myself. 

4. Speaking of apocalypses, what's with the zombie obsession?! My hubs was literally waiting for The Walking Dead to start up again for months! He loves it but I just can't handle it. I have bad dreams for days! He likened the zombies to the vampires and I just smiled....totally not Edward Cullen, hon!

5. Matt has been wanting to take Dean fishing for weeks. He got him a little yellow fishing pole and has been dreaming up the perfect father/son scenario to get Dean to experience the joy of catching a fish. Well it wasn't idyllic at all, Dean was grumpy and muddy. Dean wasn't understanding the fact that fishing requires lots of patience and Matt was frustrated that his little dream fishing excursion was not what was actually occuring. Their patience paid off though and Dean caught his very first fish yesterday in a pond near our house! (after three tries this picture keeps uploading patience this morning to figure it out, will try to fix later!)


6. I know politics is polarizing and there have been lots of people getting agitated at each other via social networking. I know I might have even had tweets here and there that rubbed people the wrong way. All I want to say is be glad we are American and VOTE your convitions, whatever they are! Lets be glad we can speak our minds and vote for representation. Many of us feel passionately about different topics and that's a good thing. At least people speaking up and speaking out are feeling something, so much better than apathy. Nov 6 is right around the corner friends!
7. The twins already started talking about Santa last night...we tried to explain first comes the pumpkin (Halloween), then the turkey (Thanksgiving) and then Christmas! Trying to live in the moment a little better. 
8. I have a very busy week ahead (as usual) and am just trying to keep perspective. One thing at a time and don't lose joy over little things not going my way. Life passes us so quickly that I don't want to look back on a week and think I wasted it being "annoyed" :)
Have a great week friends!!!!