Monday Confessions!

Hey friends, it's another whirlwind Monday trying to keep kiddos happy, hold together a household and prepare to teach my class tonight! 

1. I thought I did lots of laundry this weekend. I am talking like 3 loads on Friday and 3 more loads on Saturday to keep the laundry at bay for today. EVERYONE's hampers are again overflowing! Sometimes between just regular use, work clothes, "stretchy pants" and lounge clothes, potty accidents and all sorts of other issues...I could really use a laundry fairy! Same with the dishes....

2. I havea  girl crush on Adele, who doesn't?!

3. Last week got straight up hooked on Downton Abbey from PBS.  I even joined Hulu to watch season one and then season two is still up on the PBS site. If you love historical fiction this is for you! Season one is pre-WWI British countryside and then season two is in the full swing of WWI. Love it and I am hooked! Still working my way through season two but will be sad to have to wait for season three. 

4. I read a book yesterday that touched me in so many ways. Have any of you read Heaven is for Real? I snuck away during naptime for a much needed pedicure (hey it's going to be 70 degrees later this week and open toed shoes are calling me) and took this book along on my kindle. I was bawling in the nail salon while reading this story of a family's encounter with almost losing their almost four year-old son. I think a lot of the sentimentality of it has to do with me having a son of a similar personality and close in age. I couldn't imagine being in the grips of possibly having to say goodbye to my toddler son. I won't spoil anything but the little boy, Colton, has an encounter in heaven during his life saving surgery. I don't know what you might think about Jesus, or God, or Heaven for that matter but this true life story gripped me. Colton's father, Todd, wrote the book from his view. Todd did a wonderful job of relating Colton's descriptions of heaven to scripture. Todd is a pastor in the small town where they live in Nebraska. I was very touched by the confirmations of who Jesus was that Colton relayed in his four year-old description of Heaven. I was reminded through this story of a few points that will still with me -


  • Do not take life for granted, mine or that of my family
  • Do not take lightly your stance on who Jesus is or casually go about your faith
  • Be encouraged that God is there, he does care and is on his throne in Heaven
  • Although there are theological debates centuries long, this little boy's experience allowed him to see others in heaven in his family (something we all wonder about)
  • Heaven is a place where Christ reigns, we should not forget this! 
  • Prayers are heard and they do work!
  • A church family is so important in life


If you need some encouragement this week, pick up this book! Definitely check out this short recent interview with his family if you don't think you will get to read the book!

5. Trying out a new recipe for's a taco casserole, we will see how it goes! Will let you know if it was thumbs up or thumbs down. 

Have a great week!