Monday Confessions!

It's that time again...Oh Monday, but at least the sun is shining! 

1. SO you may have seen my tweet yesterday about having to make a trip to the mall to get my wedding rings from the jewler (where I left them for cleaning and totally forgot on Saturday night!) Just wanted to say that they were super sparkly and thankfully just fine! And if you like the new nail color I am testing out, it's Essie "Cocktail Bling"

2. In the last week I have been able to meet up with some amazing photographers, both Jasmine Star for her event in DC and Kristen Duke while she was here in town, and others along the way! These two ladies are from totally different places and do very different work but I was encouraged by each of them for different things about my work and business. It's too much to expand upon on a confessions post but in the words of Jasmine, "I can't wait for the future holds for you and I have no doubt we'll move this industry forward...together." Encouraging words to hear!

Here's a quick shot with my phone of Jasmine doing her thing in her adorable outfit - I wouldn't think to put denim over gold sequins but the outcome was fabulous!

 3. If you were worried that I wasted  a trip to the mall yesterday, have no fear. After I grabbed my rings, I stopped in at Gymboree's clearance sale and good old Baby Gap was having 30% off your purchase! I got a few spring/summer things for the kiddos..our countdown to Disney is on! We go in May!

4. Yesterday I attempted another Pinterest recipe, this one was for homemade Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs. YUM-O (say it like Rachel Ray!). The recipe was great and worked out nicely, although I had a hard time dipping the eggs in chocolate and making them come out pretty. I still got the two-thumbs-up from my whole family though!

5. We are starting to deal with the twins (almost 3) saying not nice things to each other like "shut up." My first reaction is to laugh because it sounds funny coming out in a sweet voice but then I am disheartened. I wonder where do they learn these things? Probably me. We are dealing with lots of talking in our house now and trying to keep our words's a challenge!! Any words of wisdom parents out there?!

6. BIG WORKSHOP DEVELOPMENTS - My first workshop planning is well under way and although not revealing lots of details yet, it looks like we are aiming for Mid-July. It will be for those who want to learn how to use their digital SLR cameras (interchangable lenses)or if you have a point and shoot with some manual capabilities you will be welcome as well. I am going to take the first 12 people who register when the time comes, so keep it in mind as you plan for the summer. I will have an exact date soon! The cost will be $100 each for this first time around!

7. I saw a wicked red sports car yesterday (don't know make and model) with a Delaware license plate "PHOTOG" - who is that DE friends? I am curious!

8. We got to go play at the park this morning and there truly is not a better way to spend a morning with toddlers. Sure we got dirty, had to brush off boo-boos and all sorts of things, but it is so refreshing after feeling like we just spent the entire winter in our living room :)

9. Free Iced Coffee MOnday at Dunkin' - need I say more? I went with the carmel today, it was tasty!

10. Just to throw this out there - do any of you feel like some of the outfits pinned on Pinterest are silly to pin? What do I mean? Like who can't think of putting together a white t-shirt, jeans, and sandals?! Sometimes it just makes me laugh...ok glad I got that off my chest! (if you are on pinterest and don't follow me yet - please do! Would love to return the "follow")

Enjoy your week friends!