What do you want from a photographer you hire?

  I have been to two industry type events in the last week and connecting with lots of photographers. My head has been spinning with thoughts, not necessarily on how I actually photograph, but on how I run my business. There is SO MUCH to running a business that I think most creative types aren't necessarily ready to take on. I think in this day and age as well, everyone who owns a digital SLR camera thinks that they can "go in business." I am here to say that just because you own a nice camera, doesn't mean you should be in business. Thinking a photographer is great because of their camera is like telling Paula Deen, "dinner was yummy, you must have a great oven." You should be laughing because that's ridiculous! Even at a workshop this past week, the photographer teaching was laughing because one of the students had a newer version of her camera. These things happen, technology changes constantly and gear is important (another post for another time), but the gear does not make the photographer. 

  Yes you hire a photographer because they have skills or a style you prefer, but what else is it about that person that makes you want him/her to capture your memories? You should like their personality, which is exactly why I write my Monday Confessions. Some people might not care what my kids are up to or what I ate for lunch, but these types of posts help you get to know me as a person. Anyone who has some type of basic skill can post an online portfolio but WHO is it that you want to be a part of photographing your wedding or even your family? 

  I want to hear from you, what do you want in a photographer? Budget not withstanding, because that's most people's biggest issue - what things would make you want to hire the photographer? Style? Personality? Packaging? Skills? Certain products or locations? Let me hear from you!

All posts are better with pictures, this is cute boy at the park this morning enjoying a pretzel :)