Monday Confessions!

It is so spring here in Delaware, a strange occurence to us who are not used to such mild weather in March! Don't get me wrong, I am loving every minute! So lets hear it for today....

1. Is it wierd that I am afraid of learning how to fry food?! I have never deep fried a thing. This seems like a travesty considering my Grandma makes the best fried chicken ever! My sister in law recently made the most amazing tortilla chips that about melted in my mouth, so I am thinking that I might need to learn to fry. I know, I know, it's bad for you...I will look past that!

2. Today's iced coffee flavor was the caramel almond and it was delish! I didn't realize that Dunkin' Donuts put the free iced coffee cards out for the whole month of March and APRIL! really helps Monday be better and anything free always tastes good :)

3. I don't care how much money you make, if you are raising a family you have to find ways to stretch a dollar.  I would like to say I officially saved $11.50 with coupons at Target this morning and earned back $15 in gift cards on my purchases! Also ladies, if it's time for a spring update at your house, Target is doing buy one, get one half off on most home decor items! I am thinking about some new throw pillows or frames. Are you doing any spring updates at your house?

4.  Always good to hear you've been published on a Monday. If you are a DE local, you know about Delaware Today. Delaware Today puts out a great seasonal magazine for brides, called fittingly enough, Delaware Bride. I made it in with one of my couples from the end of last year! 

5.  Have you heard the song by Billy Currington about "Like my dog" - it cracks me up and is accurate...check out these lines that I love!

"He never tells me that he's sick of this house
He never says why don't you get off that couch?
He dont cost me nothin when he wants to go out"

6. Did you know that Adele is only 23?! She has an amazing voice and I totally have a girl crush on her coolness but I totally thought she was older! 

7. My hubby has been doing some photo shooting lately and I think he's doing great! Here's a few from the park over the weekend that he shot...(and don't mind Dean looking like a raggamuffin with a mismatching outfit and boots). 

Here's one of Max that I took...

That's all for today my friends, have to gather some things together for class tonight and tackle some business items before kiddos are up again! Enjoy this beautiful weather week!