Beautiful Bethany Beach Wedding

Their story is sweet and they are even sweeter! She was a girl in a Midwestern town who had been warned about those "coast guard boys." Can you see where this is going? He was a Delaware guy posted in the coast guard in that same Midwestern town. They met at the local bar one night...her drove her home and the rest was history! Love truly never know when you will meet that special someone! 

Fast forward to this May, their wedding day was set for an outdoor ceremony in Bethany Beach near Rob's hometown. Unfortunately the rain came and the wind wouldn't stop blowing! It didn't matter though because you can't keep the bride, Autumn, from smiling. These pictures will prove it, this girl was happy! Rob and Autumn are the types of couples that make my job easy because their wedding day is fun! There were lots of adaptations due to weather but the intimate environment of the Addy Sea B & B was perfect for their nuptuals. 


Gorgeous girl!

B & B's tend to have charm and fabulous peices of furniture! We used this pretty couch to grab some shots of the pretty bride. 


Autumn with her dad, so ready to see her groom!

More weddings coming soon...yay wedding season!